Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Review | Specs & best budget Prices

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Review.

So xiaomi’s redmi note 10 pro is still one of my favorite budget smartphones of 2021.

Packing some really impressive specs and features for under 300 quid but xiaomi of course just to complicate matters.

The habit of releasing rivals to its very own smartphones every other week or so just to really confuse the hell out of us all so just when you might be thinking yeah the redmi note 10 pro.

That looks like the budget phone for me well now we’ve got a fresh member of the family hit in the uk for a similar sort of price point the redmi note 10 5g.

This smartphone boosts one of the very few features missing from the note 10 pro namely 5g support but it does also strip out some of the best bits of the pro model including the amoled screen while the camera tech and the other hardware has also been tinkered with so the burning question is does the redmi note 10 5g.

Make too many sacrifices in order to achieve that 5g support   yeah it really does but i’ve had my sim card slapped inside of the redmi note 10 5G.


  • The past week or so i’ve been using it as my full time smartphone. First up there’s not really much to report on the design front my grey model still isn’t particularly stiffy inducing i would definitely recommend snatching up one of the more colourful versions if you can the good news.
  •  That plastic backing is still almost in perfect nick a full week on despite the fact that i’ve left the bundled condom case off of the redmi note 10 5g there’s literally a tiny teeny little scuff right there that’s the only sign of wear and tear on this back end and while there is some obvious scratching around front this has all happened.
  • To the pre-installed screen protectors the actual gorilla glass 3 display that’s underneath is still pristine as hope that matte finish around back also means no hideous disgusting finger smears when you handle.
  • Te redmi note 10 5g give it the occasional polish on your pants or whatever and it’ll keep on looking smart if not exactly oh my god it’s so gorgeous i must fall to my knees in reverence switch on the redmi note 10 5g and

MIUI 12 & Features.

You’ll be swiping and poking your way through miui 12. xiaomi’s on launcher sat all comfy on top of android 11. and of course i’ve reviewed or it certainly feels like i’ve reviewed about a dozen uh xiaomi smartphones already in 2021.

What can i say about me ui 12 that i haven’t already said over and over and over again well i mean bugger already to be perfectly honest and i know that miui is very divisive launcher.

Some people still really aren’t fans they find it a bit clunky i personally find i enjoy me ui more and more with every single update it’s got more of a stock android vibe these days thank god and of course you still get an ever expanding uh selection of excellent bonus features sat.

There on top as well like a delicious chili marinade slathered on top of a pile of gorgeous meat some youtube rumors have it that mean ui is riddled with ads and generally buggy but i’ve not really found that in version 12 the few ads that you may see can be fully disabled and yeah the launcher is quite heavy so ui skimming can be a bit clunky but otherwise there are very few issues the one main issue that i’ve noticed over the last week of using the redmi note 10 5g.

Full time and it’s something that i don’t tend to get on other miui devices is that swiping from the edges isn’t always the most responsive sometimes i end up accidentally selecting stuff instead apart from that no issues no crashes anything like that you’ve got full nfc support with google pier here in the uk as well oh i believe that is a regional dependent feature so if you live outside of black you want to check.

That definitely is supported from the edge fingerprint sensor works absolutely fine and the face recognition is also good although not the most secure around because the phone will unlock.

When you’re wearing a mask which is great when you’re out and about but as i say others might be able to use that to their advantage.

There’s plenty of space in this thing for all of your apps media and other bits as well you’ve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage.

Display & Audio.

One of the main disadvantages if you decide to grab this 5g model rather than the redmi note 10 pro is the fact you get an ips screen rather than an amoled display still seems reasonably bright and everything but you don’t get those same punchy colors you don’t get the same sharp contrast and because it’s not an oled you don’t get an always on display still this 6.5 inch panel is fine.

If unremarkable for all of you can’t be to actually do any work shenanigans whether you’re while away in afternoon slumped on the sofa indulging in some online pew or relaxing with some telly or movies be it some bad mental anime or classic shows from your youth the full hd plus resolution keeps things pretty sharp viewing angles are okay and those colors don’t exactly pop but.

They aren’t too muted either i am not a fan of that central selfie orifice though ill-advised leaf straight out of samsung’s phone book the auto brightness is a bit janky though i found that in the evenings when things are quite ambient uh often the screen just dimmed down a little bit too much it wasn’t really comfortable uh to view.

I had to bump it up manually and on that top brightness level it’s all right although if you’ve got bright sunshine outside you will kind of struggle to see what’s going on at times and presumably if you are hot for a bit of 5g you will be streaming lots of media or playing lots of online games so it is a shame that you don’t get a really good screen here it definitely seems like.

An unworthy sacrifice overall and yeah it is a 90 hertz display but as i mentioned before you don’t really get to take advantage of that silky smooth refresh rate because of the clunky launcher which just kind of slows everything down a little bit so fine for supported apps.

General everyday ui shenanigans not so good still no real complaints on the audio side it’s only a mono speaker output here but the sheer volume of it more than makes up for that i mostly just stuck with bluetooth headphones over the last few days and absolutely no troubles with wireless streaming.

What over you do have a headphone jack up top as well which again works perfectly especially if you’re enjoying a good bit of music with a high-res audio certification but yeah we’re talking perfect crystal clarity for your tunes if ears were capable of they would be positively spurting.

Performance & Gaming.

That’s chat performance and i’ve got no complaints there to be fair either the seven nanometer mediatek dimensionally 700 chips.

That coped fine with all my everyday shenanigans even in this base model with its four gigs of ram and of course this delivers 5g support over both of the dual sim slots as well and that’s the main advantage here over.

That redmi note 10 pro so definitely bag yourself a 5g contract and make sure you’re living in an area that actually has 5g support maybe actually do those things the other way around and then in all time and all you’ll be enjoying a hot bit of 5g action if you’re on a game on the go then that’s particularly good news for fans of pubg call of duty and those other online titles where you run around like a cool cuddled hyena until some 12 year old tit snipes you from a rooftop at the other side of the map call of duty certainly ran fine here on the redmi note 10 5g even on those top detail settings i got a consistently smooth frame rate.

Every match the screen was nice and responsive too now that actually gave me a chance to win because my reactions are still slower than a legless sloth.

Battery life.

Fools of us all and the redmi note 105g once again packs in a 5000Amp battery which once again means all day play basically good friggin not draining this thing before bedtime i did absolutely everything on it used as a sat nav uh lots of camera play.

Of course using it to skype the forks back home lots of call of duty action streaming media youtube deezer all that good stuff and i tended to end the day with at least 25 to 30 battery life remaining definitely easily as good as any of the rivals that i’ve reviewed recently including likes the oppo a74 5g which also has a 5 000 milliamp cell.

The only disadvantage here is that you’ve got an 18 watt charging speed which means it is the slowest to recharge out of all of the redmi note 10 series handsets another sacrifice.

Camera Test.

That 5g and speaking of sacrifices you’ll also find that xiaomi has somewhat stripped back the camera text slapped there on the back end of this blower the redmi note 105g still sports a 48 megapixel primary shooter slap there on the back end just like the standard note 10.

Although uh budget phone fans will recall of course that the redmi note 10 pro upgraded that to a excellent 108 megapixel shooter and unlike the rest of the redmi note 10 family unfortunately don’t get an ultra wide angle shooter.

Here on the back end of the redmi note 10 5g all you got there is a basic two megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor that main shooter does struggle with strong lighting as well so your subject and overall scene will occasionally look quite murky when you’re snapping in bright daylight i noticed a clear difference between.

This and rivals like the oppo a545g and the moto g50 meanwhile indoor picks are often grainy as hell a real step backwards again from other xiaomi handsets around this price and don’t even try really in low light because you’ll get nothing but merck well the night mode doesn’t really make much of a difference most of the time.

Basically i was if the camera is in any way a priority for you when you’re looking for your next smartphone then i would avoid the redmi note 10 5g like a plagie thing definitely this sort of price point the pro impressed me a lot more as for your whole movies well the video tops off at full hd and there’s no 4k smarts at all so don’t expect sharp detailed footage.

When you view back on a bigger screen and again within perfect conditions you’ll get far from great results audio is generally captured fine but when the wind picks up that does kind of overrule everything else and up front you’ve got a very basic 8 megapixel selfie shooter which again suffers in comparison to the rest of the redmi note 10 fam.

This once again often struggles in strong light and often smooths out my features even when i knock off that beauty bollocks so yeah again yeah a bit of a disappointment so that in a nutshell is the redmi note 10 5g and i’ve got to say just like xiaomi’s me 11 lite 5g bit of a disappointment there were just too many sacrifices to achieve that 5g support and frankly i got to say for this sort of price would you say bollocks to 5g it’s not really 100 necessary.

Unless you’re gonna be doing an awful lot of streaming i’m talking like downloading ridiculous definition movies and playing a lot of online games and frankly you won’t really want to be doing that with a bog standard ips screen anyway anyway check out my full roundup of the best budget smartphones under 300 pounds.

For any idea of what other stuff you can get around this sort of price point i will be updating my best budget 5g phones around up as well so take a squint at that and if you are dead set on 5g check out xiaomi’s me 10t lite instead which i really really enjoyed great smartphone.

And you can often find good deals on it so that’s what i think but who am i just some bold in some room in his house banging on a camera about what i think about shiny gadgets what do you think about the redmi note 10 5g be great.



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