The Apple new MacBook Pro 2021 | release date price & review

New MacBook Pro 2021.

So it looks like we might have some new mac books around the corner and they might even launch as early as next week at wwdc which is in a couple days but i want to talk about the hardware specs like some of the stuff has been rumored but i also want to talk about the significance.

This stuff like what does it really mean for the consumer even for people that aren’t interested in buying a high-end m1x based macbook so i want to start with the design first there’s a lot of renders that are floating around these ones in particular were done by ian zelbo he has a bunch of really nice renders of apple products on his twitter page i’ll link it down below but the new macbook pro.

Supposedly has the return of magsafe it has an sd card slot an hdmi port and the keyboard supposedly has no more touch bar but it still retains the touch id interface but the real stuff the significant stuff is on the inside so on the current generation of m1 macbook pros we’re running an 8 core cpu with an 8 core gpu it’s a good performer.

A really good performer if you take into account power draw but its main strength has always been power efficiency the ability to deliver good performance for the amount of energy that it uses but right from day one it’s had a weakness the graphical performance of m1 has been just okay nothing particularly special now mark german from bloomberg has reported on a couple things in regards to this upcoming apple silicon potentially called m1x number one it’s got a 10 core cpu instead of the eight core.


That we saw in m1 but the second thing the way more important thing to me the way more interesting thing to me is the gpu is going to come in either 16 core gpu variant or at the top end a 32 core gpu variant now every year when amd or nvidia brings out a new gpu it’s like eight maybe ten percent better than the previous year on some really good years it’s going to be like 15 which is very rare but it’s because there’s just limitations.

To what you can do with graphics discrete graphics in a laptop right it’s a limited space in there you have to think about power considerations you have to take thermal issues into consideration there’s like a lot of stuff that limits what you can do with the graphical capabilities in a laptop it’s just the nature of a of a small package that is powerful apple silicon is a completely different beast it’s an soc right so you can package your gpu cores along with your pcie lanes with your unified memory.


You can stick all of that together and you have this device that’s extremely energy efficient and high performance so there’s a couple things i want to talk about number one is size so if you look at the die shot of m1 it’s a 8 core cpu 8 core gpu and it’s a very small package but because this is now going to be a 16 core gpu supposedly that package is invariably going to be larger.

And it’s not just the extra gpu cores there’s a few more of the high performance cpu cores there’s the extra memory plus the components to be able to bump up the memory bandwidth to make all this work these new chips are going to be bigger and that’s just for the 16 core gpu variant the 32 core gpu variant is going to be noticeably bigger than what m1 was in terms of the die size the other thing though is power draw so m1 has been incredibly energy efficient like just weirdly energy efficient these new chips are gonna need a lot more power.

Than m1 and they’re gonna give off more heat and they’re gonna need like beefier thermal solutions than what we saw with the m1 products and i wouldn’t be surprised if they need bigger batteries built to maintain a respectable battery life which is why i wouldn’t be surprised if you could only get that 32 core variant in the 16 inch model with the space for a big enough battery and the space for a more appropriate cooling solution because 32 core gpu is it’s significant and when you think about performance m1’s graphical performance was similar to i don’t know like a gtx 1650 not quite but similar enough.

To a 1650. if you look at what double the gpu core count would do that’d probably bring it up to probably the 5500m like what you see in the 16-inch macbook pro available right now like the intel variant but on the top end the 32 core gpu i think that is the product that’s going to blow people away in terms of performance it’s going to push out amazing performance while still being a relatively low wattage compared to any of the traditional discrete gpu solutions like.

Campared 32 core GPU.

If you compared that 32 core gpu to anything from nvidia or amd or intel if you want to bring them into it you just you cannot get that type of gpu performance unless you have it all into an soc like apple’s doing it it’s going to be pretty cool so there’s one other thing i want to touch on pricing.


To beat in terms of the competition the the macbook lineup right and it boils down to like the 13 inch model and it’s hard to get that type of performance from any kind of windows based laptop at least not one that competes with it in just like overall package but when it comes to these new m1x things i have a feeling that apple is going to charge a large large sum of money for this stuff it’s because they can right when you have a product that’s geared towards a professional demographic.


It’s geared for people that have they’re using it to for their careers they’re using it to make money right apple when it comes to this type of product they usually charge a hefty price for it which is it’s just the apple way um so i think this is one of the reasons why over the past year that’s a lie because this hasn’t been out for a year for the past like six months i’ve been very comfortable recommending picking up an m1 now even even like days before m1x potentially launches.

It’s cool to pick up m1 because this stuff is reasonably priced but m1x or whatever they end up calling it i think that will be some very expensive hardware okay.




  • price this is a roughly thousand dollar product


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