Techno Pova 2 | full specifications and price & review

Techno Pova 2 review.

What’s up guys world here with you good tech and premium smartphone brand techno mobile has officially announced a partnership between its puva gaming phone series and popular multiplayer online battle arena mobile legends bang bang the collaboration was conceived with the gaming community in mind particularly in the mobile multiplayer games the puva xmobb partnership celebrates camaraderie among players.


The ability of teams to overcome odds and obstacles as long as they work together we got our hands on their newest gaming smartphone the techno puva 2 so without any further ado let’s see what’s inside the box and you know our initial thoughts about it the box is pretty eye-catching with its iridescent design and lifting up the lid we have the phone itself below that is a user manual.


A free jelly case charging adapter usb type-c cable earphones any sim ejector tool now let’s talk about the design looking at the puffa 2 the first thing you’ll notice is its size it has a large screen and slim body the back has a matte textured finish and the unit we have is in the polar silver also at the back we’ll find its quad camera setup and its quad flash plays on the upper left side in the hands it.

Battery life.

Is somewhat lightweight given its pretty sizable size and battery it is also comfortable to hold thanks its curved sides at the back on the side we have the volume buttons and the power button that also serves as a fingerprint scanner while on the left is a dual nano sim card tray with a dedicated micro sd card slot that is expandable up to 256 gigs down at the bottom are the primary microphone type c port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack for the display.

We have a 6.9 inch fhd dot ips lcd panel there’s no glass protection mentioned but it’s got a plastic screen protector pre-installed which is nice we have a dot notch on the device’s upper center that houses the 8 megapixel selfie camera the bezels are thin while the chin is quite thick we enjoyed watching videos on this device because of how big the display is it has excellent viewing angles.


The colors are vibrant and the brightness is pretty good too running the puva 2 is a media tequila g85 chipset with 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage for the battery it’s got a massive 7000 milliamp hour capacity with 18 watt flash charge which can last you up to two to three days of casual use this is perfect for people who always give their phones on binge watching your favorite series or movies and non-stop casual gaming so we tried playing high graphic intensive games.

It didn’t disappoint bubba 2 provides a smooth gaming experience like no other powered by a game engine that boosts your ability to win this gameplay enhancer helps to improve  a player’s game skills allowing even no voices become gods in the game now for software we get android 11 so scrolling through the phone feels smooth and as you look through the apps it has reinstalled apps that we’re going to use now for cameras.


The puffer 2 comes with an ai quad camera consisting of a 48 megapixel main camera 2 megapixel portrait 2 megapixel macro and qvga aaa lens for selfies we have an 8 megapixel dot in selfie camera and dual front flash check out the sample shots that we got so far the techno mobile puva 2 comes at an affordable price of 7190 pesos this is one of the most affordable smartphones that can handle your gaming play and can make the most out of it pre-order your new puva 2 from techno mobile’s online stores.

Wireless earpods.

To score exclusive deals and freebies buy from the techno mobile ph official store in shopping mall and get a free mobile legends game skin plus a wireless bluetooth earphones with mic and when you shop at techno mobile’s flagship store in lazada you will get a free mobile legends game skin plus a wireless earpods.


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