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Successful search engine optimization begins with good keyword research.

First, what kind of research is required?

This is a basic foundational article. Pick one of the following problems:

1. Competitive Search Volume

Briefly, search volume refers to how many searches are done on specific keywords per month. For example, a keyword like “weight loss” gets around 3000 searches a month at the average and the Competition Level is around 32,000,000 competing pages.

So, achieving first page ranking with this keyword on the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) is not easy.

However, if you use keyword research software like Good Keywords or Wordtracker,there are some SEO solutions which make your job even more difficult.

2. Competition Strength

I am talking about the strength of the competing sites. Do not worry, I know exactly what you are thinking right now, “It is not a fair fight”, and that is exactly right.

What happens is that a good phrase is highly searched for, but there are only a handful of pages on the subject because most sites don’t even bother with using keywords research correctly.

What is the technique you can use you next time?

Here are some great suggestions:

1. Take a look at the top 10 ranking webs sites for the keywords you are looking for. Although it is likely that some of the sites listed in the top 10 contain good content, you just don’t know. Take a look at the inbound links of these websites, the anchor text and the available “on page” or onpage optimization factors. Still not convinced? Take a 5 minute look at all the major pages on the search engines. Visit Google Website Optimizer. Do you think the pages are all about the same subject?

2. Look at the onpage factors and their rankings on other major search engines. Okay, you knew I was getting to technical. What you will find a lot of these domains have a main keyword at the start of the page title, meta description, header tags, body content, Alt attributes, and Web 2.0 properties.

What these characteristics tell us about the website and most important, how we can rank for this particular keyword.

3.”)other onpage factors like the number of Page Rank, keyword prominence, competitive links, domain age,Few Link Popularity, XHTML validation, a reliable Analytics platform, Own Networking Cables and so much more.

4. How does this domain rank for other keywords?

Re-tweet your working results against these parameters. If you get a keyword that has a high Search Volume (over 2000 per month) and a low Rank (under 0) on Wordtracker and, and a low blocking tag on your website (0 or that qualifies your website as spam), then you are a head of the queue. The importance of domain age will complicate the task a lot if no domain have a strong keyword at the start of the domain, because some scammers can buy older domains (new age domain) and abandon them to make money quick.

Monetization and Search Engine Friendly Keywords!

In short, keywords SEO that are monetized attract more people and hence command higher bid prices.


Wordtracker is one of the pioneers in keyword research, out releasing its major revenue share of Search-based keyword tool a year and a half later than the truly big research col nests – both Yahoo! and Wordtracker have aggressively marketed their own keyword research tools since their revenues are telecom based.

treasure keyword research software

If you’ve found a decent Keyword research tool, visit their site and you’ll find many features that you can add to your favorite web keyword tool.

Of course, it will be an added expense, but as it can save your more time.

For a start, you must have the understanding of how terms move the Search engines; how popular related terms change the dynamic and how you can tap in to change customer behaviors.

Put it this way, if you captured the right keyword at the start of your SEO campaigns, you can still reap the fruits of your efforts by analyzing or monetizing the keywords and phrases that while demanding less work on the SEO CEO SEO software.


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