Realme Earbuds Q2 Review | Specifications & Price

Realme Buds Q2.

What’s up guys earbuds here figure tech and realme officially launched its latest cws earphones.

The real only bots q2 which is the successor to the bots q launch features a stylish design and powerful base.


First let’s see what’s inside the box opening up the box you’ll be greeted with the real me buds q2.

Then below that is the spare ear tips quick start guides and a micro usb cable now checking out.

Realme Earbuds Design.

The design like its predecessor the only buns q2 comes in pebble shaped charging case made out of plastic.

Color: Black, Blue

case features an led indicator on the front and a micro usb port at the back open the case then you’ll find the rounded earphones but instead of the letter r on the exterior like.

The real me but skew it has a flat surface with a glossy finish and diamond pattern that shifts depending on the angle real me calls it the kaleidoscope lamination the earphones features metal contacts for charging. And pinholes for the microphone and environmental noise cancellation.


for calls just like the case the earphones features a matte finish shaped just right.

To fit the contra and only weigh 4.1 grams so they’re very light on years it is also ipx4 water resistant meaning it can withstand sweat it’s not exactly premium but it feels.

Earbuds Features & Battery.

Well made for a budget device pairing is pretty straightforward upon.

  • Opening the case the earphones are already ready for pairing using bluetooth 5.0.
  • All you open your smartphone’s bluetooth settings and tap on the real me butt cue too an audio notification will let you know if the pairing is successful.
  • The realmebot’s q2 features touch controls double tap to play or pose music or can be used for answering and ending calls triple tap to play next song.

Then long press for two seconds for eject call and press both earphones simultaneously for two seconds to activate or deactivate game mode the roomy buzz q2 also works with the Realme link app.   From there you can customize the touch controls as well as activate its features like game mode and bass boost.

To A switches low latency at 88 milliseconds to sync audio and video while playing games or watching movies well the latter is to further enhance its base performance in terms of audio quality the realmebotsky 2 is loud thanks to its 10 millimeter dynamic drivers and very bassy it gets muddy in higher volumes while the mids and highs are not as detailed and lush as we prefer but if you are the type who prefers pop and hip-hop music.

You’ll enjoy the energy delivered by the powerful bass which is what you’ll need if you’re out the gym it is also good enough for watching action-packed movies when it comes to the battery realme says from a single charge which is good 10 minutes of charging on the other hand provides 120 minutes of playback you can get up to 20 hours of playback.

Earbuds Price.

The help of the charging case at the price of 50$ the redmi buds q2 is a good tws for those who are looking for something that they can use for workouts and gaming.

This is definitely one of the great options for those on the budget. So what do you think about this? for the latest tech news and reviews this has been real and i’ll catch you.


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