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Hey guys these amazing new smart glasses will let you interact with your phone without ever lifting a finger a new style of book light will let you conveniently read in the dark. never before we’ve even got a tiny 4k projector.

New 10 Gadgets mind blowing.

  • 1. Filmatic.
  • 2. Idolcam
  • 3. Bowio
  • 4. Jetboil flash
  • 5. Octoplus
  • 6. Vuzix and Next-generation smart Glass
  • 7. Tap strap 2
  • 8. Penna keyboards
  • 9. Airbar
  • 10. TCL breeva air purifier


Filmatic is a small yet powerful outdoor projector that you could take anywhere this projector.

Is wireless waterproof drop resistant and even has a built-in speaker weighing just 200 grams this tiny projector is perfect for taking on your next camping trip or vacation.

It can fit in your pocket with its longest edge measuring just three inches it is designed using all metal components so that it can never be crushed or broken from a fall it offers dlp image technology far outperforming its competitors automatic keystone correction will keep you from constantly adjusting the edges and tilt of the image it does the hard work for you it will also automatically focus and can project images.

In up to 4k the screen size can vary from 120 inches to 30 inches making it perfect.


Idolcam the idolcam is an all-new way to vlog your daily life and is the perfect all-in-one vlogging camera this camera offers everything you need to master the art of vlogging and increase your youtube following this camera is super easy to put together and can be assembled in seconds.

It offers fluid dynamic camera movements in a tiny package that will remain sharp and stable no matter what you’re up to you can even take photos using one of seven different lenses for the best possible effect the 4-axis stabilization handle helps you capture action shots perfectly.

The image looking shaky there are also several lighting add-ons to choose from so you’ll always have the best possible lighting even at night one of the best features is that you can even purchase a customizable 24 carat name tag to personalize your camera and prevent.


Bowio guarantees you’ve never seen a book light like this this is a book light that is both stylish and functional and helps provide even lighting when you’re reading at night the light is powered by tiny leds that give you even warm lighting no matter.

Where you are the band is made of genuine leather and is laminated so that it will last for many years the leather is bonded together with synthetic thread and offers finished edging for the best possible appearance aluminum buckles are also included.

To give the light a polished appearance the on and off control is located on the end of the light alongside a touch lighting dimmer to choose your desired brightness a magnetic clip will let you store the light away for later use and the battery housing is neatly hidden behind.

The leather so that your light will always look as elegant.

jetboil flash.

Jetboil flash is a stove camping system that can allow you to boil water while off the grid in as little as 100 seconds this device is truly an all-in-one product and is necessary for any modern hiker or camper the jetboil flash is one of the most compact cookware device.

The market and when out in the wilderness is truly a must-have to keep you safe hydrated and warm for 99 the jetboil can be yours the jetboil is equipped with a one liter cup that can maintain its temperature for several hours keeping your beverage warm without the hassle of electricity.

The jetboil can be combined with many different accessories such as a coffee press a hanging kit a pot a skillet and even a full-sized cooking attachment it comes in a variety of colors.

when  you’re ready to use it you can pop it up in just a few seconds and have boiling water ready faster than.


Octoplus is a new professional backup and transcoding solution that is perfect for storing and backing up all your most important data this system uses one touch backup technology.

To make saving your data super easy you can transfer files at speeds of up to 2100 megabytes per second there is a removable solid-state drive for lightning fast storage even while on the go it uses a raid 1 redundancy system for maximum reliability.

Even has an error free checksum there is a hot swappable battery so that you’ll never need to power down the system before adding some extra juice and it is compatible with both usb-a and usb- cables making it perfect for any computer setup to top all of this off there’s even a built-in sd card reader.

When compared to other drives the octopus can transfer files in about one-third the time it would take competing drives.

vuzix next-gen smart glasses.

The company behind next generation smart glasses technology these ultra slim glasses use a pair of tiny led projectors one for each eye that offers crisp video when receiving notifications or viewing text on the lens the leds are one micron in size making them some of the smallest leds in the world there are noise cancelling microphones built.

That will allow you to accept phone calls with crystal clear audio quality without having a lot of background noise there are acoustic chambers built into the earpieces of the glasses that allow you to hear your collar in high quality without disturbing.

Those around you you can communicate with your phone using your voice a simple tap or the displays built into the lenses these glasses may look like ordinary glasses but they offer technology that is bar none and blows the competition.

  Tap strap 2.

Tap strap 2 you can wirelessly emulate a keyboard mouse or air gestures across various devices it is perfect for use with a vr gaming console smartphones tablets pcs or even projectors to control a slideshow or video with full keyboard support you can type any character in any language with ease.

You can even swap between your left and right hand the device can intelligently recognize the difference and make changes on the fly with the tap mapper tool you can quickly and easily customize your gestures or simulator keystrokes making this perfect for any occasion.

It’s easier than ever to control all of your devices simply by lifting your fingers you can type using vr ar and even xr and equip the tap strap to smartphones projectors televisions computers and much more you can find tap strap too rigth.

Penna keyboards.

Penna keyboard the pen bluetooth keyboard is a brand new keyboard that looks as retro as possible but offers the most high-tech features you could imagine.

This keyboard uses two standard double-a batteries that will last for many hours you can equip it to your devices using bluetooth meaning it will work with mac pc iphone android and almost any other computer system if your computer is built in bluetooth.

You won’t even need a don’t you can pair up to five devices to the pen a keyboard and easily switch between them without having to pair them again the genuine cherry mx mechanical switches are made in germany and are built to stand.

The test of time and are perfect for gaming or writing a built-in cradle will even help to hold your smartphone or tablet so you can take this keyboard.


Airbar is a usb powered bar that can be placed below the screen of your mac or windows pc instantly turning your laptop screen into a touchscreen it fits both 13-inch and 15-inch laptops and can easily integrate into mac os multi-touch finger support is also available.

So that you can complete various gestures on the screen the device easily attaches to your screen using built-in magnets making it perfectly secure the usb type a port also means that this adapter will work with nearly all modern laptops.

You will now be able to use common gestures such as taps swipes pinches or zooming movements to interact with your computer you can even use multi-touch gestures to rotate the screen with this device you’ll breathe new life into your old forgotten laptop and bring it into the modern.

TCL breeva air purifier.

Tcl breeva air purifier tcl the maker of countless amazing televisions has now branched out into the world of air purification the tcl brerva air purifier combines technology and healthy living like never before this purifier will allow you to capture 99.97 percent of allergens in your home.

There are two air quality sensors that will tell you when your air quality is diminished uvc purification will sterilize any dirty or contaminated air in seconds wi-fi connectivity is included so that you can pair your purifier with alexa or many other home assistants a quiet mode will also help.

When you’re sleeping offering you up to 246 square feet of coverage which will be fully filtered and treated up to five times per hour.


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