Honda HR-V 2021 Full Review First look

Honda HR-V Full Review..

MSRP range: $21,020 – $27,320


This is the brand new honda hrv hrv stands for high rider revolutionary vehicle and while it’s clearly a tall crossover this new model needs to go some way to justify the revolutionary part of its name luckily the new hrv is by far the most advanced yet it’s got a brand new hybrid powertrain as standard it’s got a new infotainment system.

Comfort Quality

As well and a range of very clever driving assists it also looks very good for a family crossover with styling. That’s much closer to the clean lines of the honda e rather than the fussy styling of the latest civic but let’s take a closer look at the new hrv to see if it lives up to those looks under the skin but before we do if you want to see more brand new car reveals like this.

  1.   As well as the latest reviews and track tests when it launches later this year this new hrv will be going up against cars like the seattle rona hyundai kona and of course the nissan duke and to my eyes well it’s definitely one of the better looking crossovers out there and it might look a little bit awkward from the front in pictures but in real life.
  2. In the metal it looks much slicker but do be aware that this grill is actually body colored so if you pick a brighter color with this car then it might look a little bit awkward here but coming around to the side of the car.
  3.  Well there are no fussy details like you’ll find on a lot of its rivals you’ve just got a single clean line running the length of the car that ends at a light bar at the rear the 20 millimeter lower roof line than the previous car and a sloping rear screen gives.
  4. What honda calls a coupe inspired style which is probably a bit of a stretch but there is a clever rear spoiler that minimizes the turbulent weight of the car reducing drag and improving fuel economy.
  5. However what really matters with a car like this is packaging and practicality being a hybrid the hrv needs to carry a battery around and honda has chosen to package it under the boot floor instead of eating into passenger space and despite being about the same size as before the new hrv has more room inside in the back the seats have an extra two degrees of recline and there’s 35 millimeters more legroom now that might not sound like much but small tweaks like that can make a big difference to rear seat comfort.
  6. I but the hiv’s party trick is what honda calls the magic seat setup the rear seats can be folded completely flat into the floor but the seat bases themselves can be folded upwards to store large items.


In the second row however the rest of the cabin isn’t quite as attractive as that fresh new exterior it’s not unpleasant but there’s not much in the way of design flair and it’s pretty bland overall but this is a family crossover.

So function is a lot more important than how everything looks in here and on that front it’s great to see a physical set of climate controls and that means that you don’t have to dive into the touch screen to change things like the fan speed and the temperature and the screen itself is nine inches in size which makes it bigger than the one you’ll find in the duke and the interface itself well it’s a tile system it’s really clear easy to use responsive but if you prefer you can use android auto with a cable or apple carplay wirelessly.

There’s also a cool new way that the air vents work the new hr-v uses an air diffusion system with vents that subtly direct streams of air along the side windows and up to the roof creating a vortex effect honda says this is a more refined way of changing the cabinet temperature the quality of the switch gear is also very nice and at the rear the boot opening is large and the load space is completely flat which means that loading and unloading should be easy the space is also tall enough to fit a mountain bike standing up.

Fuel Economy

Which is pretty impressive and then there’s the new hybrid powertrain and this system is developed from the new honda jazz and it uses a 1.5 litre petrol engine combined with two electric motors to give 129 bhp and that might not sound like much in a car of this size but the torque figure is more important for real world performance and this thing develops 253 newton metres of the stuff and that’s more than a top spec seattle rona and of course with those electric motors and the instant thrust they provide it should feel pretty zippy and when you’re on the move in the hiv the petrol engine acts as a generator.


To top up the battery so you don’t need to charge the car like a plug-in hybrid instead the car will start off in a silent ev mode before introducing the petrol engine under high load scenarios and power is put to the road through a cvt gearbox which should keep the engine in its sweet spot at the cost of being noisy under hard acceleration honda have also packed the hiv with a whole host of driving assists to improve safety so for example the car will warn you of oncoming vehicles when reversing onto a road and it can even perform.

Overtakes by itself when cruise control is activated which is pretty cool the car is also fitted with a new front camera that can detect oncoming cars and pedestrians to avoid an accident and what about the price well unfortunately honda hasn’t revealed exactly what the new hrv is going to cost but given the bump up in tech and the new hybrid powertrain we can expect it to be a bit of a rise over the previous car at about 25 000 pounds but what do you think would you take the new hrv.


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