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Android 12 Review.

I think Google surprised me here after Android 12 and many more years, and raised my expectations on stock Android as well

Android because when you think of stock Android the dated UI, less customization and it’s Android 12 contrast.


  • Yes, it looks like a modern UI.
  • We will talk about Android 12, but before that, if you have seen our channel for the first time,
  • Great! Big change in the look of stock Android.
  • When you pull up the notification you wonder if it has any UI but stock Android.
  • The colors and all are stunning, the edges of the icons are round and very modern.
  • Android 12 gives you lots of customization options
  • Yes, I don’t think we’ve got a level of customization in recent years, but Android 12 is next.
  • When some people compare it to MIUI, the Reality UI feels that it is one step ahead.

For example:

Changing your phone wallpaper will automatically change computer colors, accent colors, and background colors depending on your wallpaper. that’s very good

This means that you do not need to change the theme on your phone, just change the wallpaper and the look and feel will change automatically.

We are monitoring the developer preview, running on Android 12 Beta 1 which is 3rd DP and above. Google is still planning a 2-3 beta before its final release in August.

We installed it on our Pixel 3a – it is 2-3 years old and not a new phone with less details. If you get a modern Pixel device, you will find many devices which are not currently in Pixel 3a

One thing is certain, many brands do not immediately offer the latest version of Android when it comes out, but now Android is available in beta on different devices of 12 different brands.

Android 12 Beta Devices.

  1. OnePlus,
  2.  Asus,
  3. OPPO,
  4.  Vivo,
  5. ZTE,.
  6. SHARP,
  7. Realme,
  8. Google Pixel,
  9.  TCL,
  10.  Techno,


Android 12 beta  are releasing and  on their latest flagship smartphone.

This is a beta version that is not standard before installation, if you are adventurous.

I have to tell you one thing that it seems too liquid and reactive. We usually refer to these terms in Oxygen OS or MIUI, but now let’s talk about stock Android

This stock has added several new animations that will make Android a modern UI. This is a serious eye candy. I like this

Google calls this design ‘Material U’, which is based on material design, and Google calls it the material that you specifically design.

You will also find many changes in the colorful and modern icons in the settings menu.

A new redesign with rounded corners was found for widgets, and widgets can be handled with more customization. So they took adaptation and adaptation a step further.

Android Privacy.

  1. He also took a step forward in secrecy.
  2. This will show you the application and what type of permissions they are using.
  3. You can find it under the Privacy Dashboard, so you don’t have to search for it in personal apps.
  4. Another important privacy thing is included,
  5. whenever an application uses a camera or microphone you will be alerted to small dots on your status bar.
  6. This will let you know which apps are using the camera or microphone.

Android Game Mode.

This is beta 1.

As I said there are still 2-3 betas before the standard release. I forgot to mention before Android stock to get game mode which is not currently in Android 12.

I think it will come back in the next update,


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