ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G Full Review.

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G


  • Processor: Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G
  • RAM: 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB, 1 TB
  • Display: 6.67 inches
  • Camera: Quad Camera
  • Battery: Li-Po 4600 mAh


This right here is the zte axon 30 ultra freshly launched by zte. It’s got some premium specs including that beefy snapdragon 888 chipset and a quad lens rear camera busting no less than three 64 megapixel sensors.

And a telephoto shooter capable of up to 60 times zoom now i’m actually shooting this video ahead of the official zt axon 30 ultra launch.  So i don’t know the official uk pricing just yet. though and unfortunately i can’t test out the game intake or show you uh how good the camera is just here but what i can do is whip it on out of the box show you.

What else is in there and then run you through all of the specs and the main features as bad boy ahead of my in-depth thoughts the embargo lifts on may the 27th that’s when the axon 30 ultra is up for pre-order so stay tuned for that and for more on the latest and greatest tech.

What In the Box?

Cheers all right so what do you get in this rather serious big black box well you get one smartphone. one porky pin device one proper huge psu it’s got a bit of heft to it as well you can knock out a rhino with this thing one type c to type c usb cable one pair of headphones. They are the in-ear scrapey efforts which is sort of all right as a backup pair to chuck in your bag just in case oh and don’t get too excited by the fact that they’re 3.5 mil headphones because bundled in the box.

You also get a 3.5 mil to type c dongle so yeah bugger all headphone jack on the axon 30 ultra and last but not least you do get a protective cover bundled in there as well but it’s not your typical rubber johnny effort because it is a stiff phenomenal bit of plastic with the biggest cutout in the world for that enormous camera chassis.


All right so that is box done now i’ve got to say first impressions of the zt accent 30 ultra i definitely quite like some of the design aspects of it including the fact that it’s all sharp edges and contours it’s definitely quite angular in design which helps to stand it out from the rest of the smartphone crowd thankfully despite.

  1. The fact that those edges are rather sharp the zt x70 ultra doesn’t feel uncomfortable to clutch or the one-handed use is gonna be a bit of a bugger.
  2. So this is near enough a 6.7 inch smartphone pretty standard size in 2021 for an android handset but you’re gonna be one of using two mits.
  3. When you’re using it and also a rather comedically zt builds the axon 30 ultra as a super skinny smartphone uh which is definitely over selling it it’s not like massively chunky but you do have that jutton camera chassis.
  4. Which adds a fair bit of girth to this beast no doubt thankfully though 188 grams it’s certainly not cumbersome to wield certainly not compared with some flagship smartphones like the galaxy s21 ultra and the b11 ultra around back.
  5.  You’ve got some anti-glare glass to avoid any greasy smears and other yumtastic stuff like that seems to do the job quite nicely actually quite like the aesthetics i’ve got to say despite the fact that camera chassis is absolutely hilariously huge apparently that surface texture.
  6. Is created by an elaborate 15-stage etching process too and i quote pursue a touch feeling close to real silk does it actually feel like silk not really it feels like your typical smooth glass smartphone arse .
  7. And here in the uk you have but one color choice which is black a little bit boring there but never mind that’s for durability well it’s gorilla glass 5 plate in front and back as well so that should hopefully prove nice and durable nice bit of scratch resistant action.
  8. There should be not the latest gorilla glass 6 or even gorilla glass victus for that display to add a bit of drop resistance in there as well but touchwood the zt axon 30 ultra should prove nice and hardy although that said there’s no mention of ip ratings for water and dust resistance.
  9. So i wouldn’t go taking it in a bubbly bath with you and before we go about setting up the zte accent 30 ultra let’s just check out that sim tray.
  10. Ifi can actually get the pin in there and it’s pretty standard stuff as you can see there’s support for two sims at once but not support unfortunately for micro sd memory cards

ZTE Myos And Main Features.

All right we have one zte accent 30 ultra all set up and ready for action what you got here is the latest freshest android 11 as you’d expect of course on the 2021 handset uh.

We do have zt’s on my us 11 slathered on top of that so you will see some aesthetical changes in the likes of the status bar when you drag that down all the little toggles that you got to play around with there and although you’ve only got a small number on there uh to start.

With you can of course fully customize that to add in a whole but ton of others and ios 11 kind of reminds me of azusa’s zen ui as well in that it’s a mostly stock version of android so you’ve got you’ve got the usual google discover feed for instance you can drag down that notifications bar from anywhere on screen uh you do of course get an abstract and christ and beyond some aesthetical changes.

The settings menu hasn’t really changed up too much at all either a few extra bits chucked in there so for instance if you go to sync mind this is where you’ll find the likes of the ai system engine tool which basically just helps to keep your smartphone ticking over nicely make sure you’ve got plenty of memory and other resources to do everything you need to do you jump on into features you’ve got a few extra bits in here you got the likes of the z-pop which is quite common on a lot of chinese smartphones there’s busy just a whole bunch of customizable shortcuts so for instance.

You can quickly bring up the uh the menu options got the usual screen recording tools you’ve also got screen edge miss touch prevention uh which is always handy when you’ve got a screen which actually curves around the edges of the phone although touch wood i haven’t had that problem so far with the zt axon 30 ultra and i’ve been using it for about 24 hours but if you do find that your palm fat is intruding on that screen and accidentally mashing buttons for you then you can up the ante on that one there’s also slight to see as well in the gesture and motion section you have the option to shake the phone to turn on the flashlight so similar to the karate chop that you get on motorola phones all right let’s give this a go shake shake shake shake shake since we shaking it so effectively that turn it on and turn it off at the same time there you go you got to give it just a quick one like that there you go lots of other features on here as well including an always on display.


Which you can schedule as well so it only turns on during the day and lots of styles to choose between including the usual analog efforts digital and some more trippy stuff including neon owls and the usual inevitable hippie slogans uh which are designed to inspire and motivate but just make me want to puke in my mouth a bit thankfully you can completely customize these so that one’s a bit more realistic as for storage well you got choice for 128 or 256 gigs of space here on the zt axon 30 ultra depend on how much dodgy stuff you are going to be downloading and it is ufs 3.1 like most premium smartphones.

These days so nice and nippy that’s for your security shenanigans here on the zt accent 30 ultra well it’s an in-display fingerprint sensor house quite high up the screen and so far touchwood seems absolutely fine nice and responsive not the nippiest round for sure but it doesn’t seem to require a couple of taps in order to actually go through and you’ve got the usual fierce and lock support as well with a bit raised to wig action too and this seems really really nippy indeed certainly no worries on that front so the zte axon 30 ultra…

Display And Audio.



Rocks a 6.67 inch amoled screen pretty standard size and technology for a fairly premium smartphone in 2021.

  • It’s full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 reasonably sharp despite the spacious panel let’s get some high def content on there suddenly everything looks nice and lush you’ve got hdr support as well for 10-bit color action unfortunately at the time i shot this video there was no support for netflix or disney plus but hopefully that will be coming once.
  • The phone is generally released the colors are quite poppy on the default settings but if you want to you can go into the display settings and change up uh the options.
  • In there so you can have them from standard to colorful so basically just gives a little bit more vibrancy to it all you can actually change up the color temperature as well cool it down a bit warm it up and since he has packed this thing with some impressive refresh rate action.
  • As well it’s set to auto by default so it can scale up and down depending on what app you’re actually using you can boost it all the way up to 144 hertz which is great news for any compatible games.
  • That you might want to play and certainly just whizzing about through your desktops the menus and all that is a super smooth experience absolutely loving it and like with your samsung smartphones zte has crammed a teeny little selfie cam orifice right.
  • There in the middle of the display up at the very top end so clearly they decided against another under display selfie cam for the 30 ultra probably a good idea and like many smartphones around this sort of mid-range price point.
  • You do have a stereo speaker set up here on the zt axon 30 ultra so let’s just bump up the volume and see how good it is one chunky ass adapter one usb cable even says that it’s usb in case you’re a bit confused so yeah fairly respectable.
  • Effort uh as usual of course that ap speaker isn’t anywhere near as powerful as the bottom mounted speaker um but neither is it particularly tinny or anything and on top of volume that’ll absolutely blast audio.
  • At your face even with the rowdy child in the room you should have no problem hearing what’s going on and if you jump on into the audio settings as well loads of stuff to play around with including a good bit of support as you can see there for dtsx ultra good news if you want a bit of surround sound action because you will need a compatible pair of headphones for that bad boy.
  • Then you can dive on into the audio preferences as you can see they’ve got various defaults set up depending on what you’re up to you can even get your ears assessed as well see exactly how good slash crap they are and basically i’ll just have you to set up a little preset.


Performance Battery,etc.

  • like most of the super premium and flagship smartphones in 2021 the zt axon 30 ultra is powered by that billy big bollocks qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset backed by either eight or 12 gigs of ddr5 ram.
  • so hopefully games like gentian impact and all those really intensive memory hogging titles should run nice and smoothly and all that gaming shenanigans should hopefully be helped along.
  • as well by the various cooler methods packed in here by zt including usual vapor chambers graphene layers copper piping all of that good stuff so even if you want to be gaming all afternoon long and let’s face it that’s.
  •   what your boss thinks you’re doing so you might as well do it hopefully the axon 30 ultra should be up to it and because you’ve got that snapdragon 888 chipset.
  • that means that the zt axon 30 ultra is fully 5g if i’d as well courtesy that x60 modem got wi-fi 6e support in here as well and you’ve got a 4 600 milliamp capacity battery crammed into that roller sexy chassis too so hopefully that should keep you going all day long and even.
  • when it is drained the axon 30 filter can be fast charged at up to 65 watts but for an update on the game and chops of this bad boy i will be fully testing out with a good bit of gentian impact action so stay tuned for may the 27th where i’ll also be showing you my thoughts.

Camera Testing

On the rather enormous quad lens rear camera i can however give you a quick tour of the camera ui run you through some of those specs what you got here is a 64 megapixel primary shooter using sony’s imac 686 sensor.

you’ve got optical image stabilization built in there as well and as you can see there you’ve got the usual ai smarts on board as well which can determine what you’re actually trying to shoot a photo of and suggest a better mods the secondary lens is a 64 megapixel portrait lens uh using samsung’s gw3 sensor you’ve got 35 mil focal length.

And so as you can see there guide you to exactly the right position you want to be in to shoot a lovely looking portrait shot with the usual bucky effects and all the rest and then last up is a another 64 megapixel shooter this time an ultra wide angle lens effort and this once again uses samsung’s gw3 sensor and last up if you find yourself a bit of a distance from your subject you have an 8 megapixel telephoto lens capable of up to 5 times optical zoom and up to 10 times hybrid zoom and up to 60 times a maximum zoom as well if you boost.

It all the way up you want to get really really close in there and if you’re not sure about which lens to use at any given moment you can just swap to the multi camera more this allows you to quickly flick between all of them work out which one might be best for you you’ve also got of course good old video mode for your home movies and this will allow you to shoot at 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 fps otherwise you can bump it all the way up to 8k resolution.

if you like and yes cy there is a 16 megapixel selfie shooter as well if you absolutely have to do that bit of instagrams and uh i’m sure it’ll be an absolute blinder so that right there in a nutshell is the fresh new zt axon 30 ultra some beefy specs and a very full-on camera tech for hopefully.

A nice price the pre-orders do open on may the 27th that’s also when the embargo lifts so check back then for my full extended thoughts on the gaming performance of the axon 30 ultra and also full-on test that camera tech 2. in the meantime be great to hear your early thoughts on the zt axon 30 ultra.


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