VW Golf R VS VW Golf GTI | Review & Price, And Specs,

2021 Volkswagen Golf R VS Volkswagen Golf GTI.


So we’ve got three pretty serious hot hatchbacks here all from the vw group empire all subtly different from one another in character despite using.

  • The same basic two liter turbocharged engine and seven speed dual clutch gearbox and in places.
  • Almost the same underpinnings that said the Golf R is four wheel drive and its engine has been mapped to deliver.

The most power here with 316 bhp but the front drive cooper leon and golf gti club sport share the exact same two liter engine with 296 bhp and both are a fair bit lighter than the golf r but which is quickest against the stopwatch and more to the point which is the most fun to drive golf r.

first let’s get going.




  • Price:.      39,295

  • Engine: 2.0, 4CYL Turbo, Petrol.

  • Power/Torque:. 316BHP/420NM

  • Transmission:.  7-Speed Auto (Dual Clutch)

  • 0-62MPH: 4,7 second

  • Top Speed:.   155MPH

  • Weight:.     1,551KG


2021 Volkswagen Golf R Color Options Include:

  • Lapiz Blue Metallic.
  • Tornado Red.
  • Deep Black Pearl.
  • Indium Gray Metallic.
  • Oryx White.
  • Ice Blue.
  • Sarantos Turquoise.
  • 91 Blue.


So really the golf r should be the quickest of these three because it’s the only one of the three with four wheel drive and it’s got the most power and torque. So surely that’s it game over job done not necessarily no because the golf r weighs quite a bit more than the other two switched off just have to put up with that it’s annoying but there you go yes the heaviest the golf and it also feels the heaviest.


When you when you’re chucking it around it’s a lovely lovely road car beautiful road car expensive fast efficient effective feeling road car but i’m not sure this is quite the gold files perfect environment because this weight even though you’ve got four wheel drive to manage it this way it does make itself obvious when you when you turn in on the brakes.

You just need more space to put it where you want to anyway our lap starts there it stops quite well but not absolutely brilliantly it’s got rocket ship traction out of that slow bit but there i’ve got understeer and there is nothing the four-wheel drive system can do and i’ve got understeer here so even though i’ve given it a boot full out onto the back straight it just wants to wash wide crack it he’s quick and straight like that that direction change feels good but not amazing just feels a little bit cumbersome gearbox works really well though and all that time stops.

There that’s pretty quick that is pretty quick the trouble is i feel like i can go faster in this car but i have actually done quite a few time laps to get that time out of it and the tires start to go off if you do more and more laps because just the weight  just kills that front left tyre so whether the club sport can go quicker and the cooper i don’t know i suspect they will .




  • Price:          €37,230

  • Engine:     2.0, 4CYL.  Turbo, Petrol.

  • Power/Torque:     296 BHP/400NM

  • Transmission:     7-Speed Auto (Dual Clutch)

  • 0-62MPH:     5,6 second

  • Top Speed:     155MPH

  • Weight:         1,461KG

  • Tyres:        Good Year Eagle F1


So then it was time to see if the lighter but slightly less potent gti club sport could go any quicker the gti club sport is still a proper raw focused drivers hot hatchback feels pretty sophisticated because it is you’re gonna have to put up with the beeps because.

But it’s you know this is the lightweight gti this is the the most powerful gti 296 bhp all three of them have got this same seven speed dsg gearbox and it works very well in all of them i think it works better in this than it does in the r for some reason that’s a bit weird the software. Has to be just subtly different so this thing’s got it’s got good years on it good year eager left ones but they’re not absolute dynamite tyres anyway our lap it starts there excellent brakes.


Really good body control as well it’s just up shifted there when i didn’t want it to just a shame oh it’s strong out that awesome corner it was quick too i don’t think it feels any slower than the bar in a straight line where it does feel better than you are is underbreaks.

Into this chicane and actually through this chicane because it’s just you can really feel the lack of weight beside the arm but it’s a bit of a there’s a touch of understeer coming out of that back straight but it’s the lap stops there so the golf r has four-wheel drive this has front-wheel drive.

The golf r has more power and a touch more torque but the goal fire weighs more which means this is quicker just just this is more fun than the gold file though without question just feels lively i just feel much much more at home doing this kind of thing on the track.

The golf r is definitely the road car that you would want to go for but if you want to do the old track day and still have a very nice road car this is the golf to have for me 46 seconds dead meant the club sport was faster than the golf r just but the big question still needed answering could the new cupra go one better than both its cousins from volkswagen .



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