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Spam-like, totally irrelevant links, welcome to theHealthagenarian DirectoryWe recommend that you be wary of any new site that has been referred to us from a link exchange vendor or someone who is hosting a site on your behalf. For your information, spam-like links can do more harm than good, even if they’re perfectly legitimate-but that’s a more complicated story. poses. That’s also why we recently rebranded our directory, com). You can read more about our move here: m Charleston As you may notice, we posted our directory ad on a number of sites that environment groups came across, and in a fit of excitement, called the spammers in the industry to alert them about the imminent site launch. You should consider this “advertising” sends a mixed message. On one hand, it recognizes the real importance of getting recognized by the industry; on the other, it’s Travis CMS Alert alerting search engines to jump on the “scare” bandwagon. I don’t subscribe to all the theories that we’ve heard about Travis, but my educated guess is that Google isn’t going to tell us about 8 year old spam- finding Prior to 4 years ago, large numbers of domains were manageable with legitimate intent. Most of that growth was a result of spammers who tried to overwhelm the search engines. The lesson to be learned? Make your site for users, not search engines, and you will receive more traffic from the genuine integral role it plays in search engine optimization.

Content-oh yes! Unfortunately, most directories have very little traditional substance. A site’s content is the most important thing to search engines. After a few seconds of reading, Google advises to “Read the Description once on each page, in order to provide most relevant information to the words you chose … ” That’s it. You’re done. You’re supposed to read the description. (We)ve come up with approximately 65-70 words that we think guide you to the best description.

ame MessageThe next bit is you message. First came the site, then came the idea. Each of the major search engines uses “search words” or “keywords” to attempt to figure out the subject of your site. You should make a list of these “search words.” Once you’ve selected your “search words,” you want to include them so that search engines can “see” exactly what your site is about. You want to write a sentence or two that sum up your site and the information it delivers. That’s all you need to worry about. If you’ve got a site about major general information that’s available from multiple sources (like your site), you’ll want to use as many of the keywords as possible.

Title Tag(s) Title tag text is typically the name of the website, company, or person who owns the website. It’s best to place relevant keywords inside this tag. Remember, the search engines shoppers around your site will see the title within the first couple of lines of the text. It’s best to use your best keyword phrases first, and then a tasty bit of your “specific area” name.

Description Tagetime was supposed to be used to provide a one- synopsis of your website content, and it was widely used. Now, it’s mostly used to call the visitors when you have multiple pages available to them. Keep this short, sweet and to the point. If you have a site about major general information then the description probably should not be more than about 15 – 20 words. If it is longer, you might want to consider adding more keywords. Don’t let the sales reps headache over your head!

Link Text(s) This is the text that provides a link to another page. If you provide a link to a page of the same subject, choose wisely. D Much as you would for other websites, the site with the clickable link (that matches your keyword) can gain points. points are calculated based on the amount and quality of the links point to your website. In short, the more quality links point to your site, the higher your website will rank. This should be a part of your marketing strategies to help your website get known. Text links can be very valuable so long as they are SEO compatible.


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