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Search – Engines health – Optimization health – Web spamHealthy search results are those that stand up to multiple and criterion tests of a search engine. That’s why search engine can’t read or understand it, it has to compare the stored and experienced HTML data with the requests and clicks made by the users. If the two areatable, the Search Engine will recognize the relevance of the web page and rank it high.

Alt tagsAlt tags can be columns, normal or Header tags. It is just visible when you highlight the image. Normal tag is used for the rest of the text. Header tag is for the most important text. Alt tag is used for the alternative texts.

Modify your HTML source codeIf you want to modify the HTML source code, you can Use an HTML editor or you can try to extend the WYSIWYG editor in HTML view. The combinations are endless. So whatever you need to do you can do in a HTML editor.Just remember that your goal is to keep your site code clean and facilitate the search engine to realize the theme of your site. healthy although the design is not healthy SEO friendly by today’s standards – You must deal with such issues as keyword / phrase density, keyword proximity, keyword prominence, graphical captions, Use of H1 – H6.

Submit your site to search enginesIf you want to bring in traffic to your site, you will have to submit your site address to all the major search engines. Once you submit the site, you can sit back and relax and realize that visitors will start flowing in. Site submission can be manual or you can use the search engine submission software. There are a number of search engine submission sites that can help you get your site indexed. To mention just a few, you can try searching for: “submit site url”.

Submit sitemapIf you want Google and other search engines to know about your webpages, you should submit your sitemap to them. This is important in terms of organic traffic which is basically traffic that lands on your site because the sites are relevant to yourkeywords. If you dont want the search engines to know about your traffic, you can submit the sitemap direct to them manually. Yahoo, Google and all the rest of the engines can find your sitemap by themselves. So dont worry about submitting to search engines.

Submit sitemap to different search enginesDifferent search engines lead the way to gaining valuable clicks and higher rankings through search engine optimization. If you lose certain importantsearch engine optimizationlinks to your webpages, you could lose valuable traffic from search engines The best way to insure that your site gets a good ranking in search engines, is toproperly optimize your site.

By properly optimizing your site, you will strike a better balance between thesearch engine`s desire to display sites that will assist users, and tosearch engine Spam.

This will get your site out of the sandbox and into the index phase of the Google algorithm.

You must give Google a reason to index your site. Then when the search engine spiders your site, it will noticing that your site is about as important as other sites that are relevant to yours.

That is what the Google algorithm is called.

For your web pages to get listed in the search engine index, you must to haverelevant links pointing to them.

This is called Page Rank, for example, the Google algorithm may rank your site PR(A) is a term that is that determines the importance of yourrankings.

A.One-way links, or links to your website from other websites, are the most important. These links, called inbound links, are the most important of all a website can attract in this important manner. The origin and nature of your one-way links is important, in part, because search engines place a high value on links from different internetdomains.

The more related one-way links you have to yourwebsite, the better.Here is a list of some of the ways to get one-way links:

  1. Give financially-willed gifts to charity.


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