PUBG Mobile’s 1.4 update guest stars Godzilla And king Kong

Pubg Mobile has just been updated. Jesus May is having a lot of fun ..

You see, in this case, the Godzilla and king Kong..When you start Erangel, the first map tells about Godzilla and King King’s fight which you can see on Ass Pubg Mobile ..In a typical battle royale, the target ranks last among a hundred soldiers. When one of the warriors is a 300-foot tall radioactive lizard, you need a little more *** to cut it. Battlefields introduces a shortcut to the player’s next update to the undisclosed Battlefields with Godzilla Vs Kong, and the legendary monsters are set to feature it on mobile maps starting this week.

Godzilla And King Kong

At semi-random times in online competitions, Godzilla, King Kong and Meschotzilla will appear and begin destroying the local environment, players and other monsters. Watching the Titans will be fun from your human point of view, but the game will revolve around them, so watch your back with other players.

Monsters will drop energy crystals on your alert, which can be used to hone your skills, push other players, burn them or watch them up close, and spawn the top features on the map Can be seen.

Monster Event.

The Monster event will be broadcast live with a 1.4 patch, scheduled to run until Tuesday and June 8. From 25 May you can play the last event of Titan Last Stand by riding the helicopter in the lobby.

After that, the microcosm incident allows players to become a small “insecticide” that moves around the map through the wormhole, and is invincible with simple weapons (except for Pan).

Other upcoming changes include a new shoulder view, a new map for arena mode, and a new plot RP. Vehicles and various bug and balance fixes are included.

From May 11 to May 16 you can sign up for 2888 battle points, 100 aces of gold and a special “Banana Bonanza” item.

We also dug the trailer for Patch 1.4, which you can see above. As you can see, the upcoming link focuses on the latest film from Godzilla, so Godzilla, Meschotzilla and King Kong play an important role in the new content, which is expected to be officially launched tomorrow.

  • 1. The Magical Titans will appear on May 11 in Erangal, May 15 on Cenhoek and May 20 in Livik!
  • They make a magnificent entrance to the island of Spawn and then almost turn into a map. Do not hoard monsters in mysterious new monster camps and apartments!
  • Explore new elements including Apex Camp, Monster Fix and Titan Crystal!


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