Nuki smart lock 2.0 installation

Nuki Smartlock 2.0.

Nuki is a brand new smart lock that is packed with features allowing you to lock or unlock any door using nothing but your smartphone or bluetooth.


  1.  There is no drilling or screwing required for inuki smart lock 2.0 reviewnstallation this lock is incredibly secure and relies on end-to-end encryption to keep your home office or room safe installation is super simple and easy and takes less than three minutes for most locks and doors.
  2.   you can easily mount the new key smart lock over any existing lock without leaving any scratches the nuki lock offers an auto unlock feature that will unlock your front door when you arrive home using the bluetooth chip in your phone to top it off if you download.
  3. The new key app on your smartphone you’ll be able to instantly know when your door is locked or unlocked with new keys innovative door sensor with the all new nuki smart lock 2.0 you’ll have increased range and reliability using bluetooth 5.0.


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