Lenovo legion Pro 5 (2021) Full Review AMD Ryzen™ 5000 H-Series Mobile Processors.

Lenovo legion 5 Pro.

This is my first laptop review Ito Legion 5 Pro belongs to Lenovo Last year’s most popular laptop Previous Popular Devices Very popular device and i think Lenovo invented at this point.

Processor Ryzen.

This is not a part of this brief review It should be as long as it is a Best machine in its essence The technical skills it has acquired Ryzen 5800H very powerful processor Added with a rtx 3070 feed 140 watts is one of the most More powerful RTX37s will get you a laptop.

It is fed well Display With their allowable temperature Numbers that make you drunk Sweat laptop nerds Even then, in thrill Everything is new this year, so it’s 10 out of 16 Rate of return is low And vertically above the room Down and bright Exact color in sports is very sharp wonderful.

Screen Color.

The screen Benefits and Negatives that include 16×10 features Rate screen Benefits are only for productivity If you want to see a working website.

That vertical space is beautiful, but not always You can’t play it Now if there is a difference Black straps up and down and the same Viewing content but overall visibility Especially amazing how bright it is Can get on display Manufacturer of bad gaming laptop Now they are all very good.

Weight And Ac Adapter.

This is the real kind of performance Calibration This work was done two years ago, so what Key is real user Experience This cooling system is one of the sangeeras Heavier than laptop Always before coming to the brigade 5.

So this is 2.55. Comes Kg This is about 2.6 kg. is Very well you will notice it in other things AC adapter 300 watts is the best This kind of heavy One more kilo if you take them If you want to bring your loved ones And adapter A rtx 360 gaming laptop 160 watt adapter It will be 300.

Gaming Laptops.

Gaming laptop With more muted designs of choice Previous model of an object I clapped More about Legion Five from the latter Years ago How beautiful is the regular look Laptop can take it to work .

  • This will go unnoticed Because it feels like regular work The device not only has gaming capabilities under the hood.
  • This is a good scene for me and here it is thing I think many people.
  • Think this too I think lenovo knows Many people think of lenovo Two production brigades have five brigades.
  • Seven They are close to each other Performance you can get Rtx 3080s for both of them Intimacy and performance.
  •  how are you They are divided All you have to buy as lenovo Who buys the most expensive.
  • The vehicle If this thing is very good and fair Both How do you do this, it can look like this Do you like that The player is young Now people already have money.

Legion 5 Pro Buy Now.


You can buy an option for a higher price Buy it I say instead I do not want to see it properly My third worry about that Device is about trackpad Moved to this trackpad If you are very good on the left Play a game.

Your palm must be Rub on this touch pad You have to kill it constantly Disable trackpad When you use the washed keys Games otherwise they are Likes Wrong movement from the palm of your hand Continue but even if you use it Meaning as a typing device or object of some kind Equipment labor or productivity will make you Keep rubbing.

The palms Incidentally this touch pad and I Do not think that software is enough SA Reject all in the palm of your hand See this item on its left Trackpad From there it is subject to force of force I can’t find it on the left If you are human nothing like.

This Who depended on the touchpad Or i don’t like when you type Whatever the reason, it does not like its cycle Close while you play This is definitely an issue that you can work on Around it but i pull it out For believers there Track pad .

Keyboards Touch Button.

This is what makes us different Stationary track pad Tracking is good and clicks happen This is excellent mobility Is fitting Strange actions per page Keyboard.

Even better Got some great lights Are even Act like a fan control where i am Always wanted to see the light and Adjustable power button.

What kind of profile do you have for something Not many devices Fan noise is acceptable The software is very clean, i like it more.


That they will give My favorite fans have the best control A little bit but to fix those fan curves Maybe it made them sweat a little You also have the power of variable routing Cpu And GPU and a Mux switch and a Lenovo port of course makes its own port Very good on their devices.

Lenovo Legion Pro 5 Price.



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