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Intel 11th Gen Core H45 Tiger Lake-H CPUs Launch To Push Laptop Performance …

We’re going to talk about intel 11th generation what they call h45 cpus these are the h series nominally what have been anyway in the past 45 wide typically eight core cpus that we see in gaming laptops and mobile workstations and intel sent us a system and you can see they’ve self branded see the intel logo here it has one on the lid too well what this really is is an msi laptop.

11th Generation  Review.

That was made specially for intel to send to some of us press geekier press basically to test out to see what the performance of intel 11th gen is like for those who are wondering because it does say when you look at about this computer and stuff like that this seems to be the msi creator z16 but this is not a review.

This laptop because this is way pre-release at this point so that’s not fair to msi this is really about the cpu inside so what’s up with intel 11th gen we’ve already seen intel 11 jet ultrabook cpus on the market those are the 15 watt cpus and even what they called h35 cpus that launched the beginning of 2021 which were four core cpus running it well obviously 35 watts and those were put in very disparate kinds of laptops anything from the premium vaio z which was supposed to be a super powerful ultrabook chassis.

To the asus tough line some of the asus tough line of gaming laptops and there it was sort of more to the affordable and more budget in but four core cpus and gaming laptops not many of us are interested in seeing that anymore where at least six cores has been the standard for three generations now with intel.

Device Specifications.

So let’s talk about the performance but that’s going to get a little complicated oh one more thing you do get usb4 and pcie gen4s i mean again we’ve seen in other intel 11th generation so what does that mean to you well and thunderbolt 4 there’s not a huge difference between thunderball 3 and thunderball 4 even usb 3 and usb4 so that’s not earth shattering but hey we’ll take it with the pcie e4 versus 3 what does that mean in 20 lanes and mostly it’s going to allow laptop manufacturers if the chassis has room and it allows to put in more ssd slots because it can address more.

YouTube Like intel 11th Generation.

It has more lanes to do that and pci e4 is faster so a lot of people already really you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a fast pci e3 ssd that we’ve been seeing with really good speed numbers versus four but the specific needs of certain content creators where reads and write speeds are really a part of their workflow and professional video editors it made above our pre pay grade even as professional youtubers would care about that sort of thing for your game loading times and all that sort of thing will make are sharing a difference no but again we’ll take it and more lanes is always good more devices supported maybe in the future we’ll see wider bandwidth for gpus and all.

Power &  Watts Adapter.

That all right so why is it complicated with this because this is a frankenstein build of the msi creators z16 what intel has done is they’ve sent the 11th gen hk overclockables 8 core cpu so in this case for the 11th generation all of the core i5s the i7s and the normal not overclockable i9 are all ctdb of 35 watts so not 45 watts which has been the standard so this is why maybe intel’s not saying h35h45 so much anymore so anyway those are actually potentially using less power now.

The manufacturer has a little leeway this time so they can take that 35 watt and make it standard to run at 45 watt for its base power consumption anyway but the overclockable cpu we have here the 11 980 hk and is a 65 watt ctdp so that’s a lot more watts right so even though we’re down to 10 nanometer with intel 11th generation which should mean better power efficiency better cooling all that sort of thing it’s too much for this chassis and this thing can run the fan when it’s plugged into ac power just doing things like a crystal disk mark ssd test which doesn’t even really tax the cpu or just installing software or just sitting.


There on the desktop it’s too much cpu for this chassis which msi is going to ship with regular i7 and i9s so that’s why i say it’s complicated and the gpu on this is an rtx 3060 that’s nice but it’s only 65 watts i have never seen such a low wattage 3060. so we can’t really do gaming benchmark performance on this because there’s no other gaming laptop that we reviewed in the past five months that has such a low watt rtx 3000 series gpu inside so we’re going to look at primarily cpu tests variety of benchmarks and talk about what those mean for those who are already like this is way too geeky what does this any of this mean to me here’s the takeaway for this yes it’s going to be faster than 10th gen i know the thermals are not going to be a whole lot better from what we’ve seen so far though again the core i7 and the chlorine 9 not overclockable will run at lower watts so it’ll be a little bit better thermally this is 10 nanometer until it’s finally moved from 14 nanometer.

Would You Like intel 11th Generation.

They’ve been using for years like with comet lake it’s still not as efficient a process as what amd ryzen has with their 7 nanometer which is what we see in 2021 in 2020 laptops with amd inside all right let’s get into what we’ve seen in benchmarks and such firstly the graphics in this are intel uhd now they do use xe cores but way fewer than normal like 32 so but this kind of laptop is pretty much always paired with dedicated graphics be it nvidia geforce or in nvidia quadro or amd’s own gpu offerings so that’s not too relevant here so in the benchmarks that we saw and this is kind of ignoring all of the tests and the propaganda that intel provided us with for use cases where they know that their machine and their cpu is going to do about the best now.

Gaming Laptops.

All manufacturers want to do that sort of thing so we did our normal set of benchmarks and tests on this again pretty much emitting gaming because the gpu is just way too weak sauce to do that so what we saw is for some reason hey this does great on geekbench 5 and it even beats the amd ryzen 9 5900 hx so this is a win for intel and no doubt this overclockable i9 which probably most people aren’t going to buy they’re going to get an i7 or maybe splurge for the i-9 not overclockable but i think this cpu was built pretty much to take on ryzen and to try to beat.

Benchmark Ryzen Laptop.

Them in some of the benchmarks to be honest and it might be more fair to compare this with the ryzen 9 5980 hx but i haven’t seen a laptop on the market with a yeah because that’s going to be their top of the line for the i9 competitor but that said this did better on geekbench 5. and not only that it did better than the previous 10th gen which we would hope too so there is a performance improvement here the what we’re going to see here through most of these tests is anywhere from a 5 to 12 performance boost from intel 10th generation without again the thermal improvements.

Boost & Performance.

That we’ve seen now as we get into more chassis and all that sort of thing that might improve we use cooler boost on this at times cooler boost 5 because that’s the msi feature that maxes out the fans and this has three fans internally to see if that helped it with benchmark performance and really not so much because even it was still thermal throttling just not quite as badly so there’s that now if we move on to tests like cinebench which some folks think is more representative of real-world demand and performance in r20 again it’s faster than 10th gen you can see down on the graph it hasn’t beat amd ryzen 9 5900 hx and by the way for our test systems as you can see we’re using the asus rogue strix scar 15 and that has not the ryzen 9 5900 hx for our core i9 hk we’re using an alienware m17 r4 which has the last generation 10 980 hk cpu and we’re using the alienware area 51mr2 with a desktop 10 700k overclockable cpu to compare maximal cpu performance until 10th jensen’s 10th and 11th gen desktop cpus not too much performance different stuff that’ll be your top baseline and the times when we’re seeing actually this 11th gen beat.

That cpu now that’s an achievement if and when it doesn’t so there we go so anyway in cinebench this still can’t be beat ryzen 9 5900 hx when we first seen the bench r20 when we moved to r23 multi-core ryzen still wins but and that’s interesting because they both have eight core 16 threads but on the single core this new intel cpu manages to just eek out a little bit higher score so the instructions for clock are good here given the fact that the clock speeds have dropped a bit from 10th generation.

A couple hundred megahertz typically speaking that’s good to see so that means that they’re doing some things right here with this intel definitely now we move on to things like fire strike and we look at the physics test or the cpu test to be fair and ignore the again we saw gpu that’s in here and time spy.


There we see it’s certainly an improvement from intel 10th generation and we see that it’s still not beating ryzen 9 5900 hx now in real life gaming as we get more shipping laptops of us and intel is going to be sending us a beefier chassis more gaming laptop oriented instead of a creator laptop warning we can do some more tests and see how it does in actual games with a more respectable gpu that’s competitive with other laptops on the market but it’s pretty obvious that games like far cry for example that franchise just really is optimized for intel and until always gets a couple more frames versus amd so there’s going to be a win there and again you’ll see an improvement from 10 to 12 probably over 10th generation for other games that do well on intel again you’re going to see more of that uplift for games that are more gpu heavy obviously the cpu isn’t even.

MacBook Pro.

The most important thing in the equation i’m talking things like cyberpunk for example very heavy on the gpu you get the idea there oh and just for giggles for some of these tests we threw in the m1 13-inch macbook pro just to see how it would do for example in geekbench because that’s a crap cross-platform test and its single core performance is still well it’s the top of the top now if you’re going after a windows gaming laptop that’s not going to do you any good but.

It just shows you that some interesting things are happening in cpu land and the technology is improving so i know this is a weird kind of video because this is a pre-release machine with an inappropriately powerful cpu and a very thin chassis that’s meant to compete with the 16-inch macbook pro and the weakest nvidia rtx 3060.

The market but one thing we can say after running all of these tests is definitely we’re seeing an improvement on our order of average of typically 10 percent often on a lot of these benchmark tests over intel 10th generation and once in a while with this highest tiered cpu that runs at higher watts than all the rest of the 11th gen h mobile cpus we even see it beating ryzen 9 15 900 hx and you know what it’s a win as long as there’s competition and both amd and intel are working hard to beat each other.


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