Htc vive pro 2 head set Virtual Real | Review And price


So if you’re seriously considering getting a bit of virtual reality gaming on the go to escape the general horrors of actual reality and you’ve got loads of cash to spend on the absolute top tier equipment well look no further than htc’s fresh new vive pro 2.

Which i can barely even fit into frame but i’m not pissing about when i say you will need to be loaded to enjoy this thing because not only do you already need to have a top pc gaming rig that supports the vive pro 2 but then the headset alone will cost you 719 quid and that’s only good.

If you’ve already got a vive set up with all the base stations and everything otherwise you will need this mighty box with all of the kit involve the base stations all the cables all that shenanigans and that will set you back 1299 quid going on sale at the start of august but it’s also undoubtedly the most premium pc vr setup you can get right now which will absolutely blow your bol locks off with its 5k 120 hertz visuals so anyway what i’m going to do is whip the vive pro 2 on out.

Of the box show you exactly what you’re getting here get it all set up and then strap it to my baldy bounce for a good few days and jump back in with a good bit of half-life alex action see if the vibe pro 2 can improve what is already a punch shred and the awesome experience and i’m going to put this box down now because it’s bloody heavy


what you get in the full kit is of course one htc vive pro 2 headset a pair of bass station 2.0 cameras you got a pair of vive controllers which pretty much weapons themselves.

You’ve got a highly sexual bit of link box action and basically a whole bunch of adapters and cables to make the thing work.


That all existing vive steam vr accessories will work with the vive pro 2 including vive trackers existing base stations the link box all that good stuff so for instance you’ve already got the existing vive pro set up. with the base stations and all that then all you will need is this vive pro 2 headset to jump on board.

With a 5k 120 hertz of visuals now the first step is on your gaming rig to head to setup download the software that you’ll need to install the vive pro 2 from there i’ll get you all set up connected and calibrated in a jiffy if you like cables.

Well you’ll absolutely love the htc vive pro 2. there are more cables than you could shake a 20 foot pole lat in a nutshell you’ll need to take that headset take that almighty cable that’s tethered to it and basically plug that into the link box which then in itself needs to be connected to your gaming rig via usb.

And also a display port the link box itself also needs a source of power don’t forget to plug that in and then also turn it on uh yeah i kind of forgot to do that like a big old silly dum-dum so i couldn’t work out why the headset wasn’t powering on then you’ll also need to position those two cameras which need to be at least a couple of meters a part.

Facing each other they both need to be plugged into the mains as well so make sure you’ve got plenty of spare plugs and of course don’t forget to charge up your vive pro 2 controllers as well otherwise you might as well just be shaking around a pair of hedgehogs or something and then with all of that done you’re ready to download some steam vr games.

and dive into a wonderful world of virtual reality and i gotta say i do kind of feel like doc brown with this thing slapped on my bald bones.


The design of the htc vive pro 2 hasn’t already changed up at all from the existing htc vive pro and that’s absolutely fine by me because the design was already pretty much spot on it’s nice and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

You’ve got plenty of padding in there soon if you don’t have any natural padding of your own no worries the helmet’s fully adjustable so it’ll fit heads of all shapes and sizes and the headset feels really well balanced as well despite the fact you’ve got that big chunky display section up.

Front so yeah i find that even if i am rocking the htc vive pro 2 on my skull for a couple of hours or so no issues with neck strain or anything nor muscle fatigue and after a couple of hours i’m usually done with vr anyway.


The main  difference between the vive pro 2 and the existing vive is that ips lcd screen which htc is rightly big enough as the best in class vr display around one of the first things you notice with the 5.2 compared with rivals is the fact.

That you’ve got a wide 120 degree field of view thanks to the dual stacked lens design it definitely feels a lot less claustrophobic playing vr games with the pro 2 compared with some of the competition you don’t quite feel like you’ve got a massive great whopping diving helmet or something strapped to your head and the high resolution.

Is an absolute wonder as well so it’s a 5k fidelity headset you’ve got 48 96 by 2448 pixel resolution in total so that’s 24 48 by 2448 pixels per eye and this completely eliminates that screen door effect.

Means that you’ve got a stunning clear view of that virtual reality world and just to make sure that your experience is hyper realistic you’ve also got full support for 120 hertz refresh here as well so everything is buttery smooth the clarity of those visuals and smoothness.

Of it all just just a next level experience for show me playing games like half-life alex no kidding get a head crab flying at your face that is brown trousers time right there and of course as usual it’s the tech that’s ticking away in the background.

That’s the most impressive stuff so htc was working alongside amd and nvidia to develop the display stream compression tech that allows you to get those gorgeous visuals in real time no judder or a lag and this is all backwards compatible with display port 1.2 so certainly i found that on my old gaming rig which ran previous generation the vive headset’s absolutely fine i had no issues whatsoever with the pro 2. and i’ve got lots of.


Those integrated high fidelity earphones as well i would still prefer some proper over earphones so truly immerse you and block out everything else that’s going on around you but these are nicely padded very comfortable to wear and because.

The hi-res compatible you’ve got full support for that 3d spatial sound as well really really nice crisp audio pumped into your lug holes so overall enjoyed the vive proto experience a lot i’ve got a few tiny little grumbles here and there the fact.

That for instance the controllers need to be charged via micro usb not type c pretty bloody annoying but the actual controllers themselves despite being quite big clunky heavy affairs definitely work well and games.

Like half-life alex actually feels like you’re wheeled and proper pistols and shotguns and certainly my only major grumble is the price tag on top of the gaming rig and everything you’re going to have to be spunking out a lot of cash if you want to get.

That vr on the go so that’s my thoughts anyway on the htc vive pro 2 certainly the most advanced pc vr headset out there but most advantage for your headset out there for consumers to buy right now in 2021 but be great to hear.


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