hp omen 15 amd ryzen 7 4800h gtx 1660 ti Review

Hp Omen 15 Review.

The HP omen 15 was the second best ryzen gaming laptop now that the new 2021 model’s.


Intel® Core™ i7






  • To the specs this one has Amd’s new ryzen 5000 processors and nvidia rtx 3000 graphics and 1440p screens.
  • That’s also an option with the omen 15 as well now although i’ve got the eight core 5800h and rtx 3070 configuration.
  • Hp are also sending over the six core 5600h and nvidia 3060 option i think that one makes the most sense as the 3060 model.

Price of HP Omen 15.

HP omen Price in Pakistan.

HP omen Price in India.

          Rs 269,999.00
HP omen Price in USA, Canada, Russian.

Starts at around $1120 us dollars but you can check out other specs and updated prices

Gaming Laptops.

The gaming performance with my 3070 model was decent but like last year you can’t disable optimus. so there’s missed gaming performance as a result the rtx 3070.

Is also limited to a 100 watt power limit and while playing games or running a cpu plus gpu stress test at the same time i found the processor would only run up to 35 watts most other ryzen gaming laptops will run it up to 45 watts in that scenario so again potentially performance being.left on the table now that’s not to say the gaming performance from the 3070 model is bad or anything it’ll still play pretty much any modern game at high settings screen but last year even with the lid closed.

There was still quite a bit of flex to it so if you had the laptop in your bag or something it could get pushed down and potentially bend the screen which i’m guessing is why these are now here they’re little standoffs that just help reduce the amount of flex on the sides there’s still quite a fair bit of flex in the middle but only if you’re going anyway and pushing.for it but on the sides there’s probably a bit less than the last gen model.

Wireless Wi-Fi.

So it’s by no means completely removing the flex but it does help reduce it the other thing i noticed is that wi-fi 6 is now soldered to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded in last year’s model with the 4800h i could take out the wi-fi and upgrade it though i’m pretty sure that until 10th gen model.

Was the same as this in the wi-fi was soldered so it seems like that’s just the route hp have taken but otherwise pretty much everything else inside is upgradable including those two m.2 slots and the two memory slots one of the main things that i personally didn’t like was this front edge could feel quite sharp when typing the corners are pretty sharp feeling too.

It might just be because i have bigger hands so they kind of have to sit on that edge while typing it’s hard to say i can’t get smaller hands to re-test it but in theory with smaller hands they wouldn’t need to sit as far back as larger hands so that might not be as much of an issue that was the case last generation too so that’s nothing new which leads me into one of the main points although the omen 15 was the second best ryzen.


Gaming laptop of last year they haven’t really done that much to improve things i mean yeah i know it does take r dollars to develop these things so if you can just simply update the cpu gpu and screen and call it a day then hey might as well if.

You’ve already got a fairly good model but at the same time i feel like there has been some missed opportunity to make improvements like say disabling optimus other laptops like the legion 5 pro from lenovo do actually offer some nice improvements over last generation and if other companies like asus and msi for in for testing.

So yeah apart from refreshed specs and some minor tweaks there’s not really too much different with this year’s omen 15.


     17-inch HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home (17-cd1020nr, Shadow Black)


Lenovo legion Pro 5 Price.


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