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Upload File On PDF.

Today i’ll walk you through how to upload pdf files to your wordpress website.

This is perfect if any kind of content upgrade or doing some kind of download for your users to incentivize them to sign up to your email newsletter.

This will work perfectly for you and we’ll cover it step by step and running quickly.

  1. There  you grow your website and reach your audience so let’s dive in you’ll want to already have the pdf that you need to upload.
  2. So i’m going to assume that you already have that and the next thing you to do is let’s head over to our wordpress dashboard and we need to go to media library.
  3. so i’m going to go to media library from here these are all of the images or files that you have and we’re going to add a brand new one so we’ll click add new now we will go out and you can either drop the files.

Post On WordPress.

So if you know where they are you can open that up or you can select files here so i have this ultimate wordpress toolkit.

That i’m going to upload great now we see that it’s here and if we go back to library we will see that the ultimate toolkit is right here now we need to actually.

Add it wherever you’re wanting it to go it can go in a post or a page i’m going to show you for this example in a post so we’re going to go to posts all posts.

And then for this one i just want to update this post that i’m working on so i’m going to edit here and i want to take it all the way down to the bottom so i can add it below you can click on the plus button here or if you have if you see a button up here you can click.

That as well so when we click on that we’re looking for file we’ll do search for file this is the one we want we’ll click that and from here you can either upload the file but since we already did that it from the media library from here you’ll want to pick the pdf and go a head and give it a description.

And then we can select it now you see it’s showing like this but we want to actually change that and you see the download button so it turns it into a download button we can actually change that here as well when you click also come over here and do some other things to this download block.

Monster Insight.

So this is a button so you can also this is automatically going to link to the media file so it’s automatically going to link to the pdf if you want to you can open it in a new tab so you can change that to there you decide.

You can show the download button or not so you can say no and if you didn’t want to show it then you simply will have the ultimate wordpress toolkit link instead but for this i like the button so for that we’re going to click publish because everything looks good and then we can see it in action and when i scroll down i see that both of these are here and we can say get your toolkit.

And then it will allow me to download it if i want to and if you want to start tracking and seeing how your download are doing you can install something like monster insights.

will connect your website with google analytics and it’ll do a lot of the heavy lifting for you so you can see things like your top affiliate performers your top referrers to who’s sending you a lot of traffic.

it also includes the top download link so it will turn your pdf into a download link and it’ll track that to see just how many people are downloading your content upgrade or your pdf on your site to get started you can head over to


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