How to screenshot on Mac


How to take a screenshot On MacBook….

So to take a screenshot there are three need to remember it’s command shift and three command shift and four and command shift and five.let me show you what happens when you do this so first is command shift and number three. What happens is it takes a snapshot of the entire screen.


And you can see the preview here you can close it and it will be saved on your desktop. Even if you don’t click down the preview it will be saved out let me show you it again show it to you again see.

That you see the preview and then it will be saved here now the second option. Is to select a particular area of your screen for that you have to click command shift and number four the arrow will change into a selection like. This and you can select the area you want to screen captions and using the track pad and then release and the snapshot will be taken.

How to capture on screen.

Shift + command + 4 

  • That’s it and the last and the final is a command shift and file which gives you multiple options.
  • To capture your screen.
  • You can capture your entire screen by clicking here or you can capture a selected window by clicking.
  • Here let’s say you want to capture a particular area like this this dock here you can click that and it will be and that snapshot will be taken.
  • To see that that’s how it is easy this and also there is a capture selected portion like.
  • We did earlier you can capture a spear a selected portion and then capture click capture like.
  • We did earlier and the snapshot will be taken so these are the options where you can capture your screen on the MacBook.
  • Regarding Mac tips and more to come.


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