How to make money online with survey earn money.

How to make money survey.

There’s a website out there that i found recently that will allow us to make money online in passive income this is available in over 200 countries around the globe as you can see and yes it’s absolutely free stay tuned with all of that said let’s now jump straight into the tutorial so i can show you everything okay so let’s get started with this the make money online niche and are creating make money online videos now.


that platform is called you may or may not have heard about this site what it basically allows us to do is add a call to action to almost any website or article out there and you can see right here what that looks like now down here you can see some more info about this website and how it works snipley works on the same principles as a url shortener the difference is that snipley doesn’t just shorten links it allows you to overlay your own content on the destination site basically the way some people are making money with the site is as follows let’s say you have some article on healthline about weight loss for example what you can do is grab the link of that article head over to snipley here then shorten that link and you can also add your call to action below promoting some weight loss product for example and you can then share the sniffly link to some people who would want to lose some weight and in this fashion you can both help people lose weight thanks to the article but you can also make money as well that’s basically how many people all around the world are making money with this site now we will not be making money in that fashion we will use snipley in a different way that will allow us to make thousands of dollars but i wanted to elaborate a bit on how this site works and how it can actually get you paid with that said what you now need to do is click on sign in right up.

That will then take you over to the next page where you just need to create an account enter in your full name email address and your password and just click on create account below once you do so and you log into your own account it’s now time to shorten the link of that youtube video you picked once again i’m using this one here as an example to shorten the link and create a page where you can add your call to action what you need to do is just enter the url in here and then click on create snip that will now take you over here.

What you need to do first is select your profile like so the next thing you want to do is select the snipply type as you can see so it can be a text link a button and so on you will want to select button once that’s done you will now need to enter in the message this message will be displayed next to the button below the message should be something along the lines of make free money with this website and the link we obviously do not have and so now it’s time for me to show you the third platform where we will get the link and the site that will actually pay us.


Tat site is called now if you don’t know what this is this is a site similar to and by the way you can use offervault with this strategy it does work too in any case on here you can grab links to various offers to promote just like on offervault obviously but we will want to focus on one particular type of offer surveys now the reason you want to do so is because by promoting these survey websites here you will get paid whenever someone signs up to them for completely free this is arguably the best part about this people don’t have to buy anything at all they just need to sign up for free to a survey site.

That will earn them money while you and return will get paid for referring them there now what you want to do is just pick an offer that pays quite decently i use this one as an example and by the way you can click on preview here if you want to check out the site in question anyhow guys what you need to do is simply grab the affiliate link to the offer you want to promote in order to do that just click on join network here and once you have that link you will now head back.

To snipley here and you will add the link and whenever someone clicks that link it will take them straight over to this website if they sign up they will be able to make money by completing surveys and you will earn set amount of money so literally everybody wins now once you paste your link in here you want to click continue and from there you will just customize your call to action a bit if you want to i don’t recommend doing it since it’s not necessary and this looks nice as it is right now in any case to get the snippley link.

All you got to do is click on finish call to action below and as you can see here is the link we will want to share with people whenever somebody clicks on it they will see the youtube video about making money online and the call to action below now with that said you now want to copy this link and it’s now time for me to show you how to get traffic so you can get paid the traffic source in question is facebook or more specifically facebook groups the main reason you want to use facebook groups to get traffic is simply because make money online groups have thousands upon thousands of members and each and every person in that group is interested in making money online which makes them perfect for getting traffic check this out this group here has ninety thousand members alone and this one here has nearly forty thousand this one here has thirty thousand members these are all potential customers for us and what you basically to do guys is find big groups like these and you want to join them now once you do you don’t want to spam your affiliate link that could potentially get you banned and more importantly you won’t get any clicks on your link what you instead want to do is simply start talking to the people and yes this will take some.

Time but it will pay off in the end what you want to do is provide some value first and only after a certain amount of time has passed will you share your snippy link with them in a post and what you will want to tell them depends on is make money for free using this app then you will want to say here’s how you can make money with this app for free and leave the link next to that and by the way as i said in the free in the title since that does grab people’s attention and what you can also do is tell these people that you have found a way to make good money online or you can perhaps say this video here helped me make money the point is that you grab people’s attention and they click on.

Your link now you will want to do this in every single group you join and many people who have clicked on that link will also check out the call to action located below and every single time someone signs up you will earn money in passive income from there now.


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