Google Pixel Buds A-Series | Supreme Bargain Review

Google New Pixel Buds A-Series.

So google has just launched the fresh new pixel buds a series which are a budget-friendly version of the original pixel but it’s almost half the price in fact at just £99 pounds here in the uk and yet despite this these things boast pretty much.

The same great features of the original pixel buds and some of those not so great bits as well now i’ve had these a series true wireless earbuds lodged in my lug hauls for the last week.

So here’s my full google pixel buds a series review and for more on the latest and greatest deck including shed loads of true wireless earbuds.


If you grab yourself a pair of the ear series pixel buds you’ve got a choice of two different colors you’ve got these here clearly white effects otherwise also dark olive the design hasn’t really changed up much at all from the original google pixel buds.

They do kind of still look a little bit funky they kind of look like something’s gone seriously wrong when i’ve been attempting to eat a packet of trebles extra strong mints we once again have these flexible rubber wings which just help to keep.

The pixel buds ear series lodged in your log holes and they really do do the job as well once they’re in there they are in there for good basically until you choose to pluck them out and just to prove that wash test each pixel bird weighs around five grams they’re certainly nice and light.

These five fans so but you’ve got to make sure that you are wearing them correctly i found that i did get ear fatigue if the wingtips weren’t in just the correct position you’ve got to wear them so they’re almost horizontal rather than just an app and good news.

If you live in good old really britain as well because they are up X4 water. sweat resistant as well as you can also get them on the go when you’re down the gym pounding the pavement

Setup and Bluetooth.

Whatever fit people do there’s bluetooth 5.0 connectivity spotted here on the pixel buds ear series and i found that connected into your smartphone was a piece of piddle basically just flip that lid and any android smartphone will pop up a little message via good old nfc just saying hey pixel birds are ready to join up do you want to do a bit of that then yes please thank you very much job done alternatively.

If you’ve got one of those iphones for whatever reason or you find that message just doesn’t pop up on your smartphone no worries there’s a discreet little button here on the back of the box just to press that in and the length of pairing mode and i found that certainly in my testing.

The google pixel buds a series that connection stayed strong and stable at all times even when i was in quite a busy area like a high street a school playground.


The google pixel by day series once again support idiom detection so if you pluck out just a single bud while you’ve got a bit of music podcast whatever plane it will automatically pause whatever it is that you’re listening to until you reinsert said bud and then your music will resume again found this works generally really well.

You need to get a little bit confused if i pull out a buzz and then reinsert it really quickly or something like that but generally 99 of the time you’re fine you’ve also got a good bit of touch control action on above these buds as well and it works the same one either but doesn’t matter which one.

You touch a single tap will pause whatever you’re listening to another tap will resume it you can double tap to skip forward a track and you can triple tap to skip back a track and i found that it all worked absolutely perfectly basically all of the time however while the original google pixel buds allowed you to change.

The volume by swiping up and down the buzzer functionality has been removed for the asus but do not fret you can still change the volume without having to yank your phone out of your pocket.

Volume and noise Isolation.

whatever simply by commanding the google assistant so for instance google set volume to maximum.  Job done however i did have some problems with volume here on the google pixel buds ear series uh so when i was connected to a pixel phone it was absolutely fine on the top volume it was proper ear shredding good.

Good bit of wash action on the gold no worries but unfortunately when i was connected to some other android smartphones like a xiaomi smartphone for instance which i’m reviewing at the moment that peak volume was noticeably lower certainly not strong enough to shook you to your core.

So yeah not really sure what the issue is there but bit of a bummer and the a series buzz just like the original google pixel buds have special vents built into them and the idea there is that they let in some of these sort of external noise that’s going on all around you so you don’t get quite the same sort of claustrophobic feeling that a lot of people experience with true wireless earbuds.

Which really puts them off and yeah this certainly works and it means that when you are out and about you are more aware of your surroundings but at the same time it’s not great if for instance you’re walking down a busy high street trying to listen to a podcast or an audiobook something a bit quieter than just music because that roar of traffic and people chatting all around you.

That comes right through and it really messes with what you’re trying to listen to i did find i ended up jacking up the volume to maximum sort of levels to hear what people were actually seeing on my podcast which then obviously ain’t great for your hearing and yeah you once again have google’s adaptive sound feature which can raise or lower.

The volume automatically on your behalf depending on how raw because your surroundings are uh but again that’s really helped much when there’s you know listen to a podcast and audio but you still generally have to manually jack it up to hear what on earth.

Google Assistant.

Before you can call up on uh that google assistant at any point just by saying oh google you’ll hear a little ding and then you can say whatever you want and the assistant will respond directly into your locals you’ll also get a little chime and a little heads up whenever a message pops into your whatsapp uh chat or something like that for instance you could press and hold a buzz in order to get the google assistant.

To read it out for you if you’ve got me bothered to yank your phone out again and you can also press and hold after the message has been read out to respond as well and that will seem to work again just as long as obviously it’s a supported app you’ve also got that hands-free google translate feature as well so all you need to do is see if it has helped me speak japanese and then the buzz.

Say okay and there’ll be a little ding and then whatever is being said around you will be taken in there’ll be another ding once they stop speaking and then you’ll get the translation fed into your local as you know google translate has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years it seems to work really really well here on the google pixel buds.

It is very stop start it’s very much a case of say a sentence wait for the translation to tick through what i’m hoping is that at some point it’ll be advanced enough to basically give you a babel fish style experience just real time feeding in the translation into ears you can have a proper conversation.

Audio Quality.

The pixel buzzer series would be pretty worthless if the audio quality was crap but thankfully that isn’t the case you’ve got 12 millimeter dynamic drivers in here similar to the existing pixel buds and i thought the audio quality was strong the clarity uh is good certainly on the top volume although bass fans will not be seated even.

The bass boost on the go i definitely recommend but just to upgrade into a proper pair of over-air cans to be honest if you really want to feel that base otherwise you can’t go wrong with the power beats uh which are absolutely sublime.

That area but apart from that no complaints and thankfully i didn’t experience any of the weird hissing uh noise that i did from the existing google pixel buds and certainly no worries as far as the microphone quality goes as well you’ve got those dual beamforming mics just like the original pixel buds and they can clearly pick up your voice even.

In a really noisy raucous environment whether you’re making a phone call or actually just speaking.

Battery life.

The google assistant let’s finish up with the battery life and just like the original pixel buzz google rank should get full five hours of continuous playback from a single charge on the pixel buds a series.

Thought that was pretty much the case i got just a smidge under five hours on that top volume and that’s pretty much a bang average result for what you get from a pair of true wireless earbuds in 2021 likes the samsung galaxy birds they tend to get about that the jabra elites.

That not quite as strong as some rivals though the likes of the huawei freebirds 4i for instance i found even with the enc active uh which is obviously a feature you don’t get here on the google pixel buzz ear series they lasted another couple of hours from a single charge.

Price And Release date.

  • £99.£150 $200, $250
  • Release date jun 2021 launched.


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