DS 9 (2021) New Luxury Car Review | Features And Price

Mercedes- Benz DS 9 Review.

This is the ds9 it’s french luxury car brand ds’s latest attempt to take on audi mercedes and bmw it’s a saloon cast mount five meters long it looks pretty good in my view we’ve got some fantastic little design details.


The led lights the way they pirouette as you turn the car on the grill looks pretty fancy and this cooler charge this metallic strip is supposed to replicate posh french watches running down the center of the bonnet.

The car as well colin at the car while she’s gonna absolutely love it when he sees that but what’s this car like to drive let’s let’s have a go shall we the whole ds experience is about more than just the driving so we’ll we’ll come to the driving stuff in a in a little while but it’s about looking after you.

it’s about craftsmanship it’s about french luxury as we’ve said and it’s about only you see there’s this program that ds have created called only you now first off it makes me think of yazoo or the flying pickets or even ringo starr who all made that song famous but it’s about having one telephone number that you can call to sort everything out all your problems car servicing booking tickets.


For you at fancy events all that sort of stuff the ultimate concierge then they talk a lot about the luxury experience now this car has the the opera treatment it’s a top spec rivoli plus plus the opera treatment which gives you a lovely leather with the watch strap finish and this car really is finished quite nicely pearl stitching which is uh really quite cute the gilushage finish that we’ve seen down the bonnet at the front that is apparently from very expensive watches and nice little touches.

That you see around the cabin that you just think you know what this is a really premium upmarket car apart from the fact that this one’s got a slight rattle but it’s an early car i’m told now there are frustrations not least with the usability the infotainment system it’s a 12-inch infotainment system but the screen that you actually see with your navigation on isn’t 12 inches it’s much smaller than that and why do you have to push a number of buttons to get to a simple function so if i want to change the the temperature in here i’ve got to press one button before .

Car Drive.

The temperature what’s wrong with a knob or a dial let’s be honest about that some of these buttons down in the middle for the uh for the windows and things like that they’re used to being on the door you just keep them on the door where most people expect them to be and it really genuinely took me a long time to realize.

That the window switches are there and the mirror switch is no it’s it’s down here right behind the steering wheel that said this is the largest version of the emp2 platform that is used across the old psa range now of course stalantis probably go into the rest of the stalantis lineup as well at some stage so there is reasonably good space sitting in the back although if you try and sit behind me your knee room’s okay but because i have the seat down though there’s nowhere really if you’ve got big feet.

To put your feet under the seat but it’s better than i expected boot of course this is the plug-in hybrid version um so you’ve got to put the batteries somewhere the boot isn’t huge there’s a little bit of a lip but you know it’s going to be okay for most people the other thing about this car i’ve got to say this i’m sorry to be rude it’s got the ugliest clock in the world now if that clock shows me what french luxury is then no thanks i’m really.

That bothered so let’s talk about what this car is like to drive and the one thing i’ve been really pleased with when i’ve been driving this car and talking to the guys from ds is there’s been no mention of the nurburgring so they’re not going for a lap record of any sort in this car around the nurburgring it’s more about comfort and it’s got a a camera here ds active scan that is scanning.

The road in front and adjusting the suspension within 150 milliseconds i’m told to make the ride more comfortable um now i’m not sure if you can hear the the slight rattling here but it’s it’s kind of a mixed bag because over some of the bigger stuff you see a drain cover for example and it goes over it i did there anything we kind of did that really quite well it kind of smoothed the edges off.

Battery Life.

What i was expecting to be a big bump but then there are sort of smaller undulations what i would call the secondary ride that just keep moving the car a little bit and it reminds me in a good way i guess of the new s-class now i haven’t exactly been blown away by the new s-class i thought the ride was a little bit too firm so this like wise is a a bit of a mixed bag now this is the plug-in hybrid version uh so you’ll go apparently around 30 miles officially on the electric power loan this car was fully charged at just under 20.

Temprature Car.

That’s because of the rubbish weather and temperatures we’re having but it’s really quiet you’ve got laminated side glass here and it is a really quiet quite a pleasant thing just to poodle around with gently and so the ride isn’t too bad at that sort of stage and the seats are really comfortable and you’ve got everything.


You need once you can actually work out how to use it now the plug-in hybrid system uses a battery obviously and an engine and the engine is a 1.6 liter engine which you might think in a car that’s reasonably big like this about five meters long is that going to be enough well from a performance point of view it’s okay but i’m just going to accelerate hang on you probably can’t hear that but what i can hear is just a sort of four-cylinder engine.


The most cultured sound in the world gearbox as well just takes a little moment to react of course i can play around with the drive modes and put it into a sport mode and i get a few sort of red dials the suspension probably firms up a little bit the steering gets a little bit more weight but most people will just stick it in comfort mode and let the car work out what to do best and in comfort mode.

You know i’ve quite enjoyed just driving this around the oxford country lanes just minding some of the biggest potholes and wondering how on earth do i adjust that mirror over there oh yes it’s it’s down there how do i adjust the temperature i’ve got to press that button before doing that oh a few little frustrations but once you’re sorted just put the massaging seats on select the cat pour setting and relax whoa i feel like a new man so the ds9 is it the best car in the class that’s probably not but is it an example.

What ds is is aiming to do to take on audi they say they’re in it for the long game and i reckon this is a big step forward for them if you like something different in your executive car then take a look at the ds9.


Release Date 22021 | Price from: £30,000 , £45,0000


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