Asus laptop ROG Zephyrus M16 Price full review

Introduce Of Asus Zephyrus (GU603).

we now have the Asus M16, which is so straight forward that the G15 is respected globally and appreciated for personal use.

  • I spent a good amount of money on the case a few months ago, it was a good device.
  • And I really wanted it until this thing came out, so now it’s m16. It’s a device powered by the latest Intel 11th Gen.
  • And is similar to the G15’s form factor and idea, but it has a better screen that It has a larger screen, smaller bezels, a web camera.
  • It has all the full features, it makes for a better overall product than AMD with this particular CPU, but some numbers can be confirmed as one, Parallel to my speed is typical workflow and the G15 includes m16 a 2 40 watt AC adapter.
  • Things I do faster than having a bit more power, the G15 A 200 watt ada 40 watt difference may seem insignificant But they are based on Intel m16.
  • The more powerful AC adapter, and the M16 and I 11th Gen.


This device has a very thin bezel around it as it has a slim top edge and all the screen above the screen at the bottom of this panel, it has a wonderful look, it has bright colors, it makes for fast gaming play.

The best script is, this stuff is what I do with my laptop such as the very high gaming laptop screen that I like to do, I would say that it is actually a different panel than the Legion 5 Pro and the Legion 7.

The brilliant ones are similar, but it’s a chisode. The screen, like the China Star optical electronics, is an AU panel, which we’re most familiar with if you’re sweating laptop crap, but it’s nice to have it on the back of the device.

Like now emit, but they cover a part of the discharge that is slightly different in m16 because the screen is made in a way. Under the laptop screen the G15 is like a plastic,


I think it will cover the driver, the exhaust will hit this plastic shield, and even my buck check is as if I don’t like it, But it’s a cover and it’s not like the actual screen is perfect and I love it more.

I did not see any problems while they were using it, but in this case the M16 discharged against the panel, and they looked at it correctly and thought that Asus realized that this might be an issue.

The fact that you can make a panel like the original Heat Pixel Blast with Super Heat is very different to me and I hope it will be even better, but yes, it is very different for me, as I The panel guides previously said on the side of the display.

They have to pack them somewhere because I think they have to pack it behind the screen because there is no china.

So I think what they do is that the basis of this thing It is a bit thick so when you look at it it feels like a very thin and light laptop, though another thing is that the Duma has a tail end.

Like I saw running backwards, it’s a bit higher than the G15 and it helps upgrade the device a bit more than the g15 for better flight, which is why they did what might surprise you.

This device is even more advanced than the G15. We’ll find out in the future. Okay, let’s talk about the interior of the Om, so it’s a slightly different keyboard platform than the G15, so if you remember it has a G14-like.

There is a soft touch finish, but this A nice soft touch rubberized material, I used to love this thing a lot at first, but it’s only a matter of time when I can really tell how it really feels after so many years.


Slippery things like cheetah fingers and slippery things like this soft touch are the same through keyboards, but it’s actually a bit different, but pressing the keys on the m16 requires a bit of pressure, but both of these Has excellent keyboards and lights on this device, they have retail units rgb, my unit is white,

I don’t software it. S can’t be fixed, but obviously full keyboard light pad track pad m16 something for retail product The level will remain the same with colors, now there’s a webcam, I’m honest to be in a team, I was with everyone like me.

When they first introduced one of their zebraf products years ago without a webcam Did, yes, I am not using my webcam much, but during the holy smoking pandemic I missed it on the G15, I had to work with multiple calls and I am sorry.

That people have any with any webcam Not a bargain, but yes, it’s not intrusive, it’s the perfect bezel.


This device is now a web Glad to have a camera, you can see two NVM bays if you look inside, they v. Are very fast, now shot on four PCs and 16 kg RAM motherboard, we can upgrade the M16 through a slot which is very good,

I would say we do not know its price at this point, Asus didn’t say anything about the price, my gut feeling is don’t be cheap.


  • Brand.                     Asus

  • Release date.      11th May 2021

  • Model Name         Asus ROG Zephyrus M16


  • RAM
  • RAM
  • RAM                                        16GB

  • Operating system
  • OSOS Windows            10 Professional
  •   Storage
  • SSDSSD                                 2TB

  • Processor
  • GraphicsGraphics Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070

  •  Weight
  •     WeightWeight                1.90 kg

  • Price Asus Rog M16 Zephyrus $1,300


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