2021 New Mercedes EQS: price, specs & new electric cars benchmark

Mercedes-Benz 2021 Is it New Electric Car.


The brand new mercedes eqs is one of the most groundbreaking electric cars.

We’ve seen in years it’s the first mercedes built from the ground up as an electric car and some of the numbers are staggering the eqs has the lowest drag coefficient of any series production car a 55.5 inch infotainment screen and uses next generation.

Range Of Battery Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Battery technology to give 478 miles of range there’s even a 751 bhp AMG version on the way so  we’ll take a look at the best of the eqs and the kit that’ll trickle down to other electric cars very soon.

Weight Of Mercedes-Benz EQS.

You don’t miss our first drive review of the eqs as the s-class’s electric sibling many eqs drivers will spend a lot of time hauling along motorways so a decent range is crucial and even though it weighs 2 480 kilos which is 164 kg.

Battery Size Mercedes-Benz EQS.

More than a tesla model s it promises the longest range of any ev on sale the eqs uses incredibly energy dense next generation lithium ion batteries meaning that mercedes has packed more energy into batteries of the same size and weight the largest battery on offer gives 107.8 kilowatt hours of usable energy which is 15 percent more than a porsche tycan with the optional performance.

Charging, and Battery Life.

Battery plus but that’s not the only reason for the impressive 478 mile range the long cab 4 design looks odd from some angles but it serves a purpose the eqs will be slipperier through the air than any other series production car helping it to go further on a charge the long gently sloping roofline and the absence of sharp angles allows airflow to stay attached.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance Mercedes-Benz EQS.

To the body at high speeds reducing turbulence and therefore drag and above 74 miles an hour the adaptive air suspension drops the ride height of the car to improve aero efficiency the result is a drag coefficient of just 0.2 the base car is called the eqs450 plus which is rear-wheel drive and puts out 329 bhp this rises to a healthy 516 bhp in the four-wheel drive eqs 580 but horsepower junkies will look no further than the upcoming eqs amg which will have an incredible 751 bhp.

 Ferrari F12 Road Drive.

That’s more than a ferrari f12 and then we have the car’s autonomous capabilities as well as the usual kit the eqs can park itself in tight spaces with or without a driver on board but it gets cleverer than that because in car parks.With the correct infrastructure the driver can get out at the entrance and the car will drive inside and park itself completely autonomously.

When driving at night the eqs headlights each project 1.3 million light pixels and they’re able to highlight hazards on the side of the road or even project guidelines onto the road surface but the centerpiece of the mercedes eqs.


The new hyperscreen mbux infotainment system it’s made up of three displays which combine as a 55.5 inch curved screen under a single sheet of glass each is a touchscreen with haptic feedback. That mimics the feeling of a mechanical switch hyperscreen also makes clever use of ai and will dim the passenger display if it detects that it’s distracting the driver for example there’s even a power nap mode which can move the driver’s seat to a rest position close the blinds and adjust.

Display, Comfort, and Cargo Mercedes-Benz EQS.

The screens and ambient lighting to a nighttime theme the car will then wake you up with a refreshing fragrance ambient sounds and a subtle massage and that’s one we’re looking forward to testing when we review the eqs in the coming months we’ll be trying out these clever systems.

Pice Mercedes Benz EQS.

  1.  £100,000
  2. £80,000.        Realase Date 2021


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